#16DaysOfActivism #16DaysOfActivism

Join us as we kick start #16DaysOfActivism campaign on violence against women and children. All of us need to intensify our efforts to end violence against women and children.

#16DaysofActivism: Is AI the solution to SA's domestic violence crisis? #16DaysofActivism: Is AI the solution to SA's domestic violence crisis?

South Africa faces a national crisis of violence against women. Yet, every time we take two steps forward - like when the president acknowledges the seriousness of the situation, or when women rally behind campaigns like the #MeToo movement - something inevitably happens that forces us one step back.

#16DaysOfDiscontent - Day 16: The overall picture #16DaysOfDiscontent - Day 16: The overall picture

The 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women were first introduced into South Africa by women’s organisations in 1993, with government taking up the Campaign in 1997. In 2015 our big question is what has changed?

2013 World AIDS Day

World Aids Day held on 1 December every year and is an opportunity for the world to unite in the fight against HIV. The theme for 2013 is: Get wise. Get tested. Get circumcised.


The word “Mashonisa” is an informal word for a person or company that provides loans to consumers. The general word used in the National Credit Act is a credit provider. Credit providers can be banks, clothing retailers, furniture retailers and other companies or individuals.

20 years of Soul City

For two decades Soul City has made an impact on the lives of millions of South Africans, and the rest of the continent too. Audiences have revelled in, laughed with, learned and been moved by the power of Soul City. From 15 July 2014 every Tuesday at 20h30 for 26 weeks, SABC1 will broadcast and bring together the old spirit of Soul City and the new vigour of a new era in Soul City.

A tribute to our fallen sisters

East London Rise Young Womens Club members have experienced heartbreak and sadness at the loss of two members from different clubs. Zusakhe Tyityi from Hashtag galz Young Women’s Club lost her life after a night out with friends on 27 September 2014. Soul City Institute and Club members have offered their condolences and are heartbroken at this tragic event.

Addressing contemporary social issues on Soul City

Soul City 11 weaves contemporary social issues, such as medical male circumcision, prevention of mother to child transmission and the problems of service delivery, into a compelling new drama series, which airs from Tuesday, 18 October at 20:30 on SABC1.

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