Water And Sanitation Materials

The Soul City Water and Sanitation manual is called “Breaking the Rules: New Approaches to Water and Sanitation and Health in South Africa”.

mat_was2.jpgThe manual is based on survey research done by Soul City into water and sanitation issues at community level. It is aimed at environmental health practitioners working in the field at a community level (as Environmental Health officers, community health workers, NGO workers and other educators and trainers).

The manual takes the approach that some of the assumptions commonly made by environmental health practitioners need to be changed if the health of their communities is to improve. The manual focuses on the implementation of incremental steps that can be taken by communities to improve their health, even without the upgrading of water and sanitation infrastructure. The manual also promotes hygiene education as an integral part of community water and sanitation programmes.

The manual covers a broad range of issues from diarrhoeal diseases, outbreak diseases, worms and malaria, to the water and sanitation needs of people with disabilities and the elderly.

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