The Violence Against Women Training Materials

This package of materials is intended to be used specifically as training material.

mat_vaw2.jpgThe material is based on the Story of Matlakala, and is taken from the fourth series of Soul City. It has been developed in partnership with the National Network for Violence Against Women, and will be distributed to their affiliated organisations.

The package of materials is made up of the following components:

  • The comic: Matlakala’s Story (available in English, Afrikaans, SeSotho, Xhosa and Zulu)
  • Video: Matlakala’s Story – edited from the fourth Soul City television series (1999)
  • Handbook: Stop Women Abuse
  • Posters: 5 posters – Violence against women and the Domestic Violence Act
  • A training file containing five training courses for the Police, Health Workers, Clerks of the Court, Communities, People helping women who have been abused

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