Soul Buddyz Materials: Tomorrow is ours.

lifeskills2.jpgGrade 7 materials

The Soul Buddyz materials are based on the Soul Buddyz television series, and are aimed at Grade 7 learners as part of the Life Orientation learning curriculum. Many children across South Africa were involved in the development of the material which has been designed in line with outcomes-based education principles.

At the end of each unit of the Soul Buddyz materials, is an educator’s page. This page gives background information into the issues, ideas for teaching and contacts and resources.

Soul Buddyz One Grade 7 book covers the following topics:

  • Bullying
  • Solving problems without violence
  • Road safety
  • Disability
  • Growing up – your changing body
  • Living with HIV and AIDS
  • Sexual abuse
  • Childhood accidents
  • Dealing with change
  • Children’s rights

Soul Buddyz Two Grade 7 booklet covers the following topics:

  • Unit 1
    The Buddyz are back: Children should not be afraid (the right to a safe environment)
  • Unit 2
    Hamilton’s story: Taking care of the environment
  • Unit 3
    Zandi’s story: I like myself too much to smoke
  • Unit 4
    Avril’s story: There is always another way to solve a problem
  • Unit 5
    Siya’s story: Alcohol in our families and our community
  • Unit 6
    Andre’s story: We can be friends (Understanding relationships and the transmission of AIDS)
  • Unit 7
    Thapelo’s story: Children can do something about AIDS
  • Unit 8
    Karabo’s story: More the same than different (dealing with racism)
  • Unit 9
    Delange’s story: Refugees need support, not discrimination
  • Unit 10
    Duma’s story: Living with a learning disability
  • Unit 11
    The Buddyz story: Children can make a difference

lifeskills3.jpgSoul Buddyz Parenting Guide

Entitled “Raising Children to be Their Best”, this user friendly parenting guide is also available to help parents talk to their children about difficult issues and deal with difficult situations as raised in the series.

Lifeskills materials

The Soul City Lifeskills materials are aimed at Grade 9 learners. The materials are based on the stories from Soul City, and include comics, learner workbooks and a teacher’s guide.

There are two packages of Lifeskills materials available:

Lifeskills 1

Lifeskills 1 is based on a comic story called ‘Body and Soul’, and deals with:

  • Who am I? (dealing with personal identity)
  • My relationships
  • Making choices
  • My actions affect others

Lifeskills 2

Lifeskills 2 focuses on youth sexuality and covers:

  • Know your body
  • Who am I?
  • Building relationships
  • Talking about sex
  • Love and sex
  • Staying safe
  • Understanding HIV and AIDS
  • Living with HIV and AIDS in our world

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