The Story Overview

Series Overview

Soul City series 9 presents a tangled web of double lives, deception, sexual exploration and intrigue in an environment darkened by the threat of HIV/Aids. Zimele and Lebo Moloi appear to be the perfect husband and wife with their established business, the Moloi Mini-Mark, the means to a comfortable lifestyle.

Zimele has an affair with Lulu, who is also living a double life, pretending to be employed. When Zakes, her boyfriend, finds out about her affair with Zimele he is furious and directs his anger towards Zimele’s son, Bulela.

Lebo, meanwhile, is friends with Eddie, a school teacher, but she longs for a more fulfilling and exciting relationship than the one she has with her philandering husband. She is alarmed to discover that she is pregnant, but begins to welcome the idea of a new baby.  Zimele realises he has to break off his affair, but Lulu gets angry.

His son, Bulela, is doing so well at school that he is recommended for a full scholarship to study medicine in the USA, and falls in love with Dineo. After a series of events this small community have to face up to the reality of HIV in their midst!

Dineo and Lulu have a bitter feud, but the two friends reconcile when Dineo admits that she had a one night stand with Zakes. Finally Bulela pieces together the traumatic spread of HIV and is devastated to discover who introduced the virus to this web of people.

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