Soul City Series 9

HIV/Aids knows no borders and the Southern African region has the highest HIV infection rates in the world. The region has to act together if we are to turn the tide against the epidemic and combine our efforts for maximum impact. This year the Soul City Institute and its partners are launching The OneLove Campaign, a massive HIV prevention campaign across the Southern African region where the campaign will be implemented across 9 countries.

The focus of OneLove is on multiple concurrent partnerships which is one of the key drivers of the HIV pandemic in Southern Africa. The campaign promotes fulfilling sexual relationships between two people without the need for other relationships as the social norm. One Love challenges gender stereotypes and cultural norms that reinforce having more than one partner. It also highlights the risks associated with transactional, drunk and intergenerational sex.

The latest Soul City TV series is a central part of the campaign. Viewers will be introduced to Zimele and Lebo, who appear to be the perfect married couple, but there is more going on and the relationship is strained.

Zimele is involved in a web of secrets and lies, involving inter-generational and transactional sex. The story leads us across a number of characters unfolding the web of deceit and with it the spread of anguish and HIV.

High emotion, drama and intrigue will keep viewers glued to their seats in another action-packed series, which promises to educate, inform and entertain.

The latest series has some really hot talent including Themba Ndaba, James Ngcobo, Bayo Jwayi, Dennis Davis and ‘Zulu Boy’ Mxolisi Majozi. It is produced by TOM Productions with the talented Akin Amotoso, Robbie Thorpe and Kgomotso Matsunyane.

Soul City is sure to draw in audiences once more as the most watched television programme in South Africa after Generations. Stay with us and be entertained!

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