Soul City Episode Synopses

A breakdown of each episode.

Episode One

Portia leaves the Birchett smallholding complaining of a stomach ache to go and have it checked out at hospital. She lies and writes a note claiming she has gone back home. She is injured on her way to hospital and is found outside Masakhane clinic in the morning having a fit and having given birth to a baby boy who is very sickly.

Episode Two

Do Portia and the baby survive? The hospital staff does not know Portia’s name and a campaign is started trying to get somebody to identify her.

Episode Three

Dali stays overnight at a friend’s house claiming it is work related. Mandla and Naledi give information with regard to the unknown woman. Joan Birchett sees Portia’s picture in the newspaper.

Episode Four

Zuko is arrested and Mandla is fed up with his drinking. Zanele and Dali visit Nellie’s Tavern trying to track somebody who might know the unidentified mother.

Episode Five

Zanele and Joe visit the Birchett smallholding looking for Odwa. For the first time a maternal health education session is held with pregnant mothers at Masakhane. Chaos breaks out at the tavern.

Episode Six

Dali is spending even more nights in town and the children are not happy. Zanele intercepts one of Dali’s calls and a woman answers. Maria gets bad news from the clinic regarding Portia and the baby. Zanele discusses a system to help pregnant women. Children march to the police station demanding that alcohol advertising be stopped near the school.

Episode Seven

Zanele confirms that Dali hasn’t been honest with her. Will he go or stay? Dali’s entertainment expenditure is being questioned at work. Mandla and Zuko deface alcohol advertising billboards - watch to find out what happens to them!

Episode Eight

Who adopts Portia’s HIV+ baby? It is still a worry how Portia contracted HIV since she has never had a boyfriend and nobody knows who the father is. Zanele gets Dali a pack of condoms as a gift and he is furious and decides to leave the house.

Episode Nine

Joan suspects that Odwa is the father of Simphiwe. She also suggests that Maria and she go for an HIV test. Guess the outcome of the HIV tests results for Joan and Maria.

Episode Ten

Dali and Zanele’s relationship is being discussed with a family member. Dali would like to come home but still see his girlfriend and Zanele refuses and tells him she would rather get divorced. Duncan is tested for HIV.

Episode Eleven

Finally there’s an explanation of how Portia contracted HIV. The least likely person gets arrested and has to take a paternity test. A secret from Zanele’s past shocks Dali.

Episode Twelve

Paternity test results are out. Duncan is in prison.Dali wants to get back with Zanele and his uncle advises him to go for an HIV test. Zanele tells Dali that they must live separately

Episode Thirteen

Watch the final episode to watch the dancing competition and knockout lager bash. Don’t miss it!

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