TX date: Tuesday, 4 September 2007
TX time:  20h30
Episodes: 13


Soul City is a real-life television drama which focuses on health and development issues which mirror those of the South African population. It weaves real-life stories to make it authentic for the millions of people who have grown to trust the powerful messages of this wildly popular programme.

This latest series has some really hot talent including Bonnie Henna, Siyabonga Twala and David Butler.  The series also features well known musicians Arthur Mafokate and Judith Sephuma.

Soul City is sure to draw in audiences once more as the most watched television programme in South Africa after Generations. Stay with us and be entertained!

For further information or for photos of the members of the cast or crew, please call Onyx Marketing Communications:

Mpume Ncube 083 222 5184/ or Michelle K Blumenau on:
011 728 5004/083 273 9891 /

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