Soul City Episode Synopses

A breakdown of each episode.

Episode One

Sello has to fight his own demons while trying to make ends meet and provide for his wife and child. His gangster friend, Venter, offers him money in exchange for a special favour.

Zukiswa, a new nurse at the clinic, decides to do house calls against her husband Thabo’s wishes.

Zandi knows she is HIV+ but her boyfriend, Moses, refuses to be tested. Her drinking exacerbates her condition.

Episode Two

Zandi passes out in front of her six year old daughter, Khwezi, and has to be rushed to hospital.

Sello feels humiliated when Refiloe gets a temp job and manages to pay the rent. He makes another attempt to find a job knowing Venter's offer is still on the table.

Dr Francis joins Zukiswa when she visits a patient. Thabo is not impressed when he finds them together.

Episode Three

Zandi runs away from hospital to see her daughter. Little Khwezi goes missing and Zandi is faced with a tough choice.

Thabo puts pressure on Zukiswa to start having children.

Sello decides to drive a car Venter's gang while they do a hijacking but something goes horribly wrong and a best-selling author is killed.

Episode Four

Venter threatens Sello to make sure he doesn't talk to the police. Sello is restless and becomes obsessed with the murder victim's life. He gives Refiloe a disturbing gift – a necklace.

Nomfundo is looking for a new flat-mate and finds Conny.

Dr Wakashe challenges Zandi to give up the bottle.

Zukiswa arrives home late and it's more than Thabo can take.

Episode Five

Nomfundo's new flat-mate, Conny, moves in but things don’t go as smoothly as expected.

Zukiswa's car is mysteriously set alight in the clinic parking area. She has a pretty good idea who did it.

Zandi leaves hospital but she needs money to make a new start.

Refiloe confronts Sello about the origins of the necklace he gave her.

Episode Six

Sello turns down Refiloe's suggestion that he become a volunteer but something happens that makes him change his mind. He starts training as a volunteer and meets Sunday, the murdered author's nephew.

Zukiswa moves out of her house. Uncle Jabu confronts Thabo about burning Zukiswa’s car but he denies it.

Zandi is anxious about seeing her mother after such a long time and how she will break the news that she is HIV+.

Episode Seven

Sello and Sunday have to work together as a team and Sello is uncomfortable. He comes face to face with the murder victim's widow. He tells Venter he is going to hand himself in to the cops. Venter threatens to kill Sello's son if he follows through with it. Sello bites the bullet and tells Refiloe everything.

Thabo's Uncle Prosper tries to fix things with Zukiswa's family but makes a mess of it.

Zandi finds out that her old friend, Thoko, is sick, supposedly with diabetes.

A dinner hosted by Nomfundo in Conny's honour ends in disaster.

Episode Eight

Conny moves out of Nomfundo's flat. Nomfundo finds some of Conny’s poetry and sets about tracking her down.

Sello and Refiloe turn to Sello's father for advice but the meeting backfires badly. Sello is torn about whether or not to hand himself in.

Thabo still refuses to believe he did anything wrong.

Zandi and her mother try to help Thoko's parents understand that being HIV+ is not a death sentence.

Sello hands himself over to the police.

Episode Nine

Venter is involved in a police chase. Sello refuses to become a state witness. Sunday finds out the truth about Sello and vows revenge.

Zandi comes back to Soul City and has to face Moses.

Thabo tries to make peace with Zukiswa but it's not as easy as he was hoping it would be.

Conny and Nomfundo start their new poetry and music project.

Sello goes to court.

Episode Ten

Zandi has a new lease on life, but her medication is no walk in the park. She turns her old tavern into a restaurant.

Sello's defense has to find a witness to corroborate Sello's testimony, otherwise it's just his word against Venter's.

Conny and Nomfundo perform at Zandi's.

Episode Eleven

Conny has a new flame, Tshepo, but she's not sure if it’s going to work.

Sunday confronts Sello. Sello is dismissed from CARE but it doesn't stop him from doing what he loves.

Thabo goes on a date with Zukiswa to Zandi's.

Zandi battles with the side effects of ARVs.

Episode Twelve

Conny and Nomfundo audition for a gig at the club Urban Note.

Medicines go missing at the clinic and Thabo and Francis join forces to catch the culprit.

Thabo decides to join a men’s support group.

Sello’s father offers to pay for him to go back to medical school and complete his studies.

Episode Thirteen

Vuyani wants a bit more than friendship from Zandi. Conny's not sure if Tshepo can handle her HIV status.

The medicine thief is caught.

Thabo and Zukiswa decide to give it another go.

Sello makes peace with Sunday and the dead author’s family.

Conny and Nomfundo perform at Urban Note with great success.

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