Literature Review


series5_book1_haap03.jpgLiving Positively with HIV and AIDS


  • Why are HIV and AIDS still spreading?
  • Unprotected sex can lead to HIV and AIDS
  • HIV, AIDS and STDs
  • HIV, AIDS and babies
  • How do I know if I am HIV positive?
  • Live positively with HIV and AIDS
  • Care and support for people who are HIV positive
  • The caregiver
  • Preventing infections at home
  • Treating common sicknesses at home
  • Dealing with death and dying
  • Things to do while you are strong

series5_book2_disabilityrights.jpgDisability Rights are human rights


  • What is a disability?
  • Rights of people who are disabled
  • What causes disability?
  • Difficulties for people with disabilities
  • Myths about disability
  • The abuse of people with disabilities
  • Living with a disability
  • Stories of success
  • Disabled people can live a normal life

series5_book3_howdreams.jpgStarting Your Own Business


  • Unemployment is a serious problem
  • Take charge or your life – start your own business
  • Different kinds of business
  • Five steps to your own business
  • Dinana’s Business Plan
  • Phindi’s business

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