Literature Review

A research review of the series theme


book3_violence.jpgViolence – How can we Stop It?


  • What is Violence ?
  • Wrong ideas about Violence
  • Violence in South Africa
  • What are the reasons for Violence
  • Violence changes our lives
  • Violence against Women
  • Women can take action against Violence
  • Men and Violence
  • Violence and young people
  • Children and Violence
  • Help stop Violence
  • What to do in a Violent situation
  • HIV /AIDS in our Community

book3_alcoholyou.jpgAlcohol and You


  • The history of Alcohol
  • South Africa and alcohol today
  • Why do people drink alcohol ?
  • How does alcohol change us ?
  • Problems caused by alcohol
  • Young people and alcohol
  • Safe and sensible drinking
  • Alcohol causes damage
  • Drinking too much - How much do you know ?
  • Alcohol misuse
  • Community Action

book3_energyhome.jpgEnergy in the Home


  • Energy And The Environment
  • Energy Use In The Home
  • Heating - How To Save Money
  • Paraffin
  • Coal
  • Gas
  • Energy From Trees
  • Energy From The Sun
  • Electricity
  • What Electricity Really Costs
  • Saving Electricity And Saving Money
  • Different Energy And Different Costs
  • Choosing A Good Appliance
  • Health And Safety
  • Energy Use In The Community

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