Episode 8

The health crisis makes headlines but the water supply is suddenly shut down without prior warning. The clinic staff is distraught when they hear a fifth baby has died in hospital, and a sense of desperation increases. Riri, also traumatised by the death of the babies, tells Sis’Noni about her mother’s involvement and Sis’Noni goes to confront an intractable Mavis. Sis Noni’s intervention though results in water trucks arriving in Soul City.

In the meantime, Riri and AB go back to Thando, with Riri apologising for her breach of confidentiality. They convince Thando to come to the clinic for a follow up that she had missed. But when Thando is made fun of at school, and she and Nokhanyo argue, Thando packs a bag and leaves the house to move in with Mavusana.

Key topics:
PHC Re-engineering: Community Health Workers
Maternal & Infant Care

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