Episode 7

The health crisis is still a challenge without any resolution, though the clinic is coping better and with fewer people. Riri complains to Sister Bettina about AB and tells her how he walked away after seeing a family that was not welcoming of them in light of the recent baby deaths. Sister Bettina wants Riri to try harder and suggests that being a CHW is not a competition and urges her to act like a partner. Sister Bettina decides to go out with them and while she and AB are tending to someone in a backroom, Riri prevents a child from drinking from a tap.

Back home, Riri is upset by what is going on and overhears her mother talking about how she had to take the cheapest sanitation tender for Soul City’s water supply. Suddenly Riri has information that she doesn’t know what to do with. She can’t bring herself to talk to Sis’Noni and ends up confronting her mother without accusing her directly. In the meantime she and Samkelo grow closer.

Thando and Mavusana’s relationship is under strain as her fantasy about marriage and a home does not quite materialize.

Key topics:
PHC RE-engineering: Community Health Workers
Maternal & Infant Care

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