Episode 4

On their rounds AB and Riri find a child alone with her sibling who is very ill – dehydrated, with vomiting and diarrhea. The two CHW’s have to respond quickly and bring all their training to bear in order to save the child.

Seventeen year-old matriculant Thando wants to exchange her life in Soul City for a more glamorous one involving overseas travel and exotic destinations. She fantasizes about this with her taxi-driver boyfriend, Mavusana. However, she experiences more and more strange bodily symptoms leading her to think she might be pregnant. Her worst fear is confirmed at the clinic.

Samkelo is determined to revamp Smokey Joe’s into a clean usable space. He clears out and even puts up rules. Sonto harasses him for permission to use the gym as a rehearsal space. He gives in. Samkelo tells his mother – to her great relief – that he’s been working at the gym and has not had a single drink.

Jeff  lobbies the clinic committee in supporting him to close the Smokey Joe Gym as it poses a health risk.

Key topics:
Re-engineering of Primary Health Care: Community Health Workers
Maternal and Infant Care
Fertility Management

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