Episode 25

Pule has posted bail and not everyone is happy with it.  It seems Jeff’s day has come; sooner than he might have anticipated and he needs to re-evaluate his way of life and relationship with his wife and daughter.
The love story of Nokhanyo and Kgopotso solidifies as talks of lobola negotiations arise.

The first meeting of the new clinic committee is a great success as the youth have come up with ideas on how the clinic can better serve the community.

Zinhle has a rather unpleasant visit from an unexpected guest and it is revealed to Jeff that her daughter is a rape survivor.

We see how Zinhle’s rape has affected the community when the youth of Soul City take part in a “say no to rape” and “no means no” campaign in support of Zinhle.

Key topics:
Increasing Services for Survival of Sexual Assault: Thuthuzela Care Centres
PHC Re-engineering: Community Participation

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