Episode 23

Zinhle thinks she is losing her mind, tortured by her doubts, fears and guilt and is convinced she is at fault and to blame for being raped.  Poppie, with the help of Sonto and Murakes, discover what has happened to Zinhle. With her mother and friend by her side, she visits the Thuthuzele Care Centre for full treatment, counseling and legal advice. Will she press charges against Pule?

In the meantime Nokhanyo is gathering information for a proposal on a Community-Based Monitoring initiative at the clinic, and Kgopotso is only to pleased to help. Samkelo, Murakes and Sonto address the final meeting in Smoking Joe... on the eve of moving. They pose a call to action to nominate Nokhanyo at the next clinic AGM as youth representative on the clinic committee.

Key topics:
Increasing Services for Survival of Sexual Assault: Thuthuzela Care Centres
PHC Re-engineering: Community Participation

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