Episode 22

The taxi-blockade is not letting up as Sis'Noni desperately tries to find ARV's for her chronic patients.   Samkelo and the youth can watch no longer and give in... giving up the gym for the sake of the taxi-hub. The gym will be moving in the next couple of days so construction on the taxi hub can start. Murakes is deeply upset they are throwing in the towel... giving in to blackmail. But they had no choice.

Kgopotso and Nokhanyo have their third first date at long last. And it goes well... very well. When Nokhanyo realises she might be falling in love with Kgopotso, she sees the fear of being abandoned in her little sister's eyes.

Zinhle can't handle the growing arguments in her home. Zinhle finds comfort in Pule's arms but this soon turns into something terrible.

Key topics:
PHC Re-engineering: Quality of Care
Increasing Services for Survivors of Sexual Assault: Thuthuzela Care Centres

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