Episode 2

Samkelo is on a downward spiral… he’s struggling to find work and turns to drinking with friends at a shebeen. He misses out on his mother’s big day by getting stuck at a rowdy party in Smokey Joe’s.  His brother Mandla is ashamed to see him like that in their father’s gym and Sam feels his brother’s disapproval.

The clinic opening is in full swing and proving a success, but is interrupted by an emergency patient.

AB and Riri encounter a woman in the throes of labour. The baby came early, but the two CHW’s handle it professionally. The healthy baby is born at the clinic.

Murakes dusts off his revamped sponono (car), and brags about his hard work fixing her up, only to crash into Sister Bettina’s brand new car. Murakes has no car insurance, not even third party and its Sister Bettina’s first car, so she is extremely upset. Murakes feels like an idiot and a jerk… and financial ruin is probably also staring him in the face.

Key topics:
Re-engineering of Primary Health Care: Community Health Workers, Maternal and Infant Care
Financial Literacy: Short-term Insurance

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