Episode 18

SIS'NONI is showing the strain and JUDITH does not make it easier for her.  She finds an unexpected ally in Doctor Mthiyane... although there might be more to that than meets the eye.

Coping with a burst geyser at home, SIS'NONI discovers her ex-husband, Malusi, allowed their insurance to lapse.  SIS'NONI gets into it and restores the household and home-owners insurance, grasping the opportunity to drive home the importance of insurance to her two sons, MANDLA and SAMKELO.

NOKHANYO comes up against the clinic's shortcomings when she has to take baby LWANDILE in because of a high fever.  Her experience at the clinic brings SONTO to her door who is on a mission to speak up about how the clinic treats them.  AB faces the police on theft allegations with Pule claiming he stole Gog'Phindi's phone.

JEFF is in a volatile mood when he finds his wife and daughter out later than he likes... but then Zinhle quite innocently gives him an idea on how to win the youth over to his side.

Key topics:
Financial Literacy: Short Term Insurance
PHC Re-engineering: Quality of Care

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