Episode 17

AB deals with his father's sudden death amidst a financial crisis when none of the CHW’s stipends are paid out.  He questions his capacity to help his family and others and blames himself for his father's death.

The CHWs present a solution to their money woes that highlights the power of communal support, while Judith unexpectedly helps the CHWs that are most in need. But added to this, tensions explode between Sis' Noni and Judith when a resident dies of drug resistant TB. Judith feels like Sis'Noni is on a witch hunt to apportion blame.

Nokhanyo stands sweet Kgopotso up. Sonto gets seriously ill and is ill-treated as a youth at the clinic. A night vigil for AB's father reminds us what it means to be a community.

Key topics:
PHC Re-engineering: Community Health Workers
PHC Re-engineering: Quality of Care

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