Episode 16

Thabisile pays a visit to Zenani, the young woman who was sexually assaulted in an earlier episode. It seems this is Thabisile's way of reaching out to heal her own self, after her assault. But it's salt to her wound when she's attacked by a mugger as she leaves Zenani's house. Judith thinks Thabisile should join the new counselling group she's starting but Thabisile stubbornly refuses. When Thabisile changes her mind, she's touched by Humphrey’s supportive words about her, enabling Thabisile to take the difficult step towards healing.

Nokhanyo takes her sister's child to the clinic and is rather charmed by the attention that the assistant pharmacist, Kgopotso, pays her. When Kgopotso asks Nokhanyo on a date, she shyly accepts.

AB's father becomes ill and he refuses AB's medical advice or any kind of treatment. Here AB's attempts to help are not effective.

Key topics:
PHC Re-engineering: Community Health Workers
Increasing Services for Survivors of Sexual Assault

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