Episode 15

Sis'Noni struggles to cope at work but refuses help.  She has her back up and is unwavering when for instance Judith suggests counseling for the CHW's.

Ab and Riri encounter a badly neglected elderly lady in a back room of a shack.  They call social services and the family is assisted with a grant and a home care worker.

Riri's mother, Mavis, flips out when she hears of Riri's relationship with Samkelo.  Riri tells her to mind her own business and that she's making her own life decisions.

Nokhanyo bonds with Lwandile and starts considering her own role beyond that of Thando's big sister.

Murakes gets his car back.  He has become financially more savvy - taking deposits for work before starting.  He takes out third party insurance on his car.  He is now a responsible citizen and entrepreneur.

Key topics:
PHC Re-engineering: Community Health Workers
Financial Literacy: Saving & Short Term Insurance

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