Episode 14

Thando is near breaking point, not at all sure that she can cope with her new-born. But with Nokhanyo and even Mavusana's support, she catches her breath and rediscovers her hope.

After the successful 20 Years of Democracy event, the youth are on a high but that's soon dampened when Jeff arrives with a town planner to inspect the place.  Samkelo realises that he has to put Jeff in his place.

Poppie worries about financial stability when she sees something in Jeff's computer.  After some good advice, she realises she has to do something to secure hers and Zinhle's security.

Sis'Noni feels lonely as Mandla and Samkelo live their own lives and Samkelo gets serious with Riri.  The CHWs get a surprsise visit at the clinic.

Key topics:
Fertility management
Maternal & Infant Care
Financial Literacy: Saving

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