Episode 10

Murakes and Nokhanyo are on good terms again after she accused him of bringing in bad elements into her yard  who probably burgled her salon. Murakes tells Thando’s boyfriend to do right by Thando and the baby.  Sister Bettina is stressed, something is bothering her that she feels she has forgotten, she checks the clinic data until suddenly she remembers Bab’Jacob. Riri, AB and Sister Bettina find Bab’ Jacob collapsed in his house and is rushed to the hospital.

Riri confronts AB as to why he was embarrassed about them visiting his family house. For the first time AB and Riri truly bond. Riri tells Samkelo about her exam and that she’s no longer sure she wants to be the doctor her mother wants her to be.

Key topics:
PHC Re-engineering: Community Health Workers
Maternal & Infant Care
Financial Literacy: Short Term Insurance

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