Soul City Series 12

Soul City Season 12 is a game-changer season for the series, with the largest cast the series has seen to date. Headed by two stalwarts of the Series, Florence Masebe as Clinic Manager Sis Noni and Lillian Dube as Sr Bettinna, Season 12 showcased a stellar cast of fresh, young talent.

The 26-episode series takes us through the daily experiences of a team of Community Health Workers (CHW) as the Soul City Clinic becomes one of several pilot sites for the roll-out of Primary Health Care Re-engineering.  On their rounds in the community, the CHW’s encounter funny, scary, tragic and often traumatic situations that require diplomatic responses, and which they sometimes lack.

Meanwhile, the newly opened clinic – a follow-on from last season when the clinic burned down – presents a whole new set of challenges to the facility head, Sis Noni. The clinic is now equipped with a 24hr maternity unit, but a doctor who only comes in a few days a week. The new clinic is short-staffed despite its new state-of-the-art facilities. Together with the Maternity Head, Maureen, and the CHW Team Leader, Sr Bettina, Sis Noni must confront these challenges and battle through to the very top to have them sorted out.

Outside the clinic, the youth are re-inventing a safe and creative space for themselves. Spearheaded by Samkelo, Murakes and Mandla the youth start cleaning up and taking over the rundown old gym. They are soon joined by the spirited Sonto and her dance crew, who need a space for their rehearsals. In this space the young people discover community, democracy and creative responses to challenges at the clinic.

The Series also deals with some sensitive issues such as sexual assault/rape, teenage pregnancy, abortion and elderly neglect. The series showcases cutting edge technology as it depicts m-Health applications for CHW’s and pregnant moms.

Soul City breaks new ground with this series while taking audiences into a real world of challenges and triumphs.

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