Soul City Episode Synopses

A breakdown of each episode.

Episode 1

Sis Noni is rushed off her feet. Supplies have not come in. When an old lady collapses Sis Noni has Noni has to rush her to hospital. Malusi wants his sons to go for traditional circumcision. Sis Noni is angry and prefers that they go for medical circumcision. A fire breaks out at the clinic. Sis Noni and her sons try to save the medicines. Mandla is trapped under a burning beam.

Episode 2

Despite Sam saving his brother, Malusi is furious because Mandla has injured his hand putting him in jeopardy of winning the under 19 boxing champions. The clinic cannot be saved and the community turns their anger on Councillor Maponya. A temporary clinic is set up. Malusi is horrified that planned medical male circumcision campaign is underway. An investigation on the cause of the fire is launched. Who is to blame for the clinic burning down?

Episode 3

When the investigation finds that the fire was caused by a heater that was left on, Sis Noni blames herself and slips into a depression. Councillor Philani is delighted to be let off the hook. Meanwhile Grace, a single mom and her daughter Nkosazana return to Soul City to live in her late grandmother’s house. Grace is on the run from creditors and she approaches Councillor Maponya for help. What secret does Grace bring and will her creditors track her down?

Episode 4

Musa is HIV+ and expecting her first child. She feels loved and supported by her husband Jimmy, the PMTCT group and Sis Noni who as promised to be there at the birth. But Sis Noni, despite help from family and friends, wants nothing to do with the clinic anymore. When Musa goes into labour, she desperately needs Sis Noni’s help. Will she get help in time and will the baby be okay?

Episode 5

Musa gives birth to a beautiful healthy baby, Ofentse. But things are upset when her bossy mother-in law Zamo comes to visit. Zamo thinks she knows everything about how to care for a new born and thinks that Musa’s breastfeeding regime is wrong. Can Musa stand up to her and ensure her baby is safe?

Episode 6

Malusi makes plans for both his boys to go to the mountain and Sis Noni’s OneLove medical male circumcision campaign gets underway. Tension in the family mounts when Sam refuses to go and gets cut at the clinic instead. Meanwhile Sam and Nkosazana’s friendship deepens. But she is under pressure from her boyfriend to have sex. What will happen? Especially since Sam sees Vuyo cheating with another girl.

Episode 7

Plans to build a new clinic at Soul City are discussed. Sis Noni and the clinic committee know what the community needs and Phil is committed to open dialogue with them. But Phil has a lifestyle that he needs to maintain and the mayor has plans of his own. Meanwhile Grace is trying desperately to get her furniture back and her money troubles don’t seem to be going away.

Episode 8

Grace’s debt problems hit rock bottom when her car breaks down and she has no savings to fix it. Phil has given her a job but he has his own problems with the Mayor who wants to build a fancy clinic on the outskirts of Soul City without consulting Sis Noni and the clinic committee. Sis Noni is furious when Phil comes out in support of the Mayor’s plans. She smells a rat? What is the mayor really up to?

Episode 9

Nkosazana is furious with Sam for telling her that Vuyo is cheating on her and she decides to find out for herself. She is deeply hurt to discover Sam was right all along. Things get worse when the truth starts to unravel who her father is, a secret her mother has kept from her all her life. What will happen when she finally hears the truth?

Episode 10

Nkosazana is Phil’s lovechild, and his troubles get worse when Thandeka, his wife finds out. Meanwhile Mandla comes home from the mountain to a big welcoming home party for all the initiates. But, under the influence of Luyolo, he starts to behave really badly, drinking and having unprotected sex. Sam knows what’s happening but can he protect his brother from this dangerous behaviour?

Episode 11

Mandla is on top of the world. He is in final training for the under 19 boxing championships, and he is having sex with a new girl in his life. Malusi is proud of his favourite son. But Mandla gets an STI and starts to feel unwell. Will he be ready for the big fight and why is he not well?

Episode 12

When Mandla discovers he is HIV positive he needs the support of his family. Sis Noni is facing a work crisis and the mayor’s crooked intentions have become clear. But she drops everything to be there for Mandla. Malusi is angry with his son for having unprotected sex. As a father, can he come to terms with what has happened and love and forgive his son?

Episode 13

Everyone knows about the Mayor’s corrupt tender deal. Jimmy and the clinic committee have been gathering facts and the community has signed a petition. But they need Phil’s support. Will Phil side with the mayor or will he realise his obligations to the community and come clean about what the mayor is up to?

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