Soul City Episode Synopses

A breakdown of each episode.

Episode 1

Menzi and Dimpho are strongly attracted to each other at a rap battle where Menzi’s sister, Lindiwe, competes against Dimpho’s brother, Mandla. Dimpho convinces Mandla to take her to the Corner Tavern where Menzi works part-time for his father Phil, the owner. At the tavern, rapper Sixteen accuses Mandla of scratching a CD he lent him. Mandla’s friend Zakes becomes embroiled in the argument. Sixteen and his friends are drunk and tempers flare. Kagiso stabs Mandla who falls, hitting his head hard. Philani rushes Mandla to hospital but it’s uncertain whether or not he will survive.

Episode 2

Mandla is in a deep coma and his chances of a full recovery are slim. His parents, Tifo and Lihle, are devastated. Dimpho blames herself whilst Tifo vents his anger on Phil for not ensuring the safety of his customers. Phil is outraged by Tifo’s accusations. The police investigate the crime but Kagiso has intimidated the sole witness, his classmate Lucky. Menzi wants to see Dimpho again and goes to her house. She sneaks out into the yard but they are discovered by Tifo who banishes Menzi and forbids Dimpho from ever seeing him again.

Episode 3

Superintendent Dube and Detective Pietersen arrive at the Corner Tavern to question Menzi about the stabbing. As they’re leaving, Dube hears a woman crying. They discover that Beauty, a regular at the tavern, has been accosted in the toilets by a semi-stranger. After visiting Mandla in hospital, Menzi decides to do his own investigating and tricks Lucky into revealing that Kagiso stabbed Mandla. Lucky’s father Jo-Jo threatens his wife Nomsa, demanding money for alcohol. The police arrest Kagiso at school. Mandla continues to sleep peacefully whilst his family suffer great anguish.

Episode 4

Zakes is often at Mandla’s bedside, playing him music in the hope it will bring him out of his coma. Menzi and Dimpho meet secretly after school and their love blossoms. Detective Pietersen’s search for witnesses to the stabbing leads him to Beauty but, unfortunately, her excessive drinking makes her an unreliable witness. Kagiso is released on bail and accuses Lucky of splitting on him. While Lihle sinks into a depression over Mandla’s condition, Tifo organises a community meeting to discuss issues around alcohol abuse. Sol is horrified when Tifo uses this as a platform to rant publicly against Phil.

Episode 5

Someone torches the Corner Tavern and Phil immediately suspects Tifo. When Thoko arrives at school with a black eye Thandeka becomes concerned about her home life. Zakes and Menzi are at loggerheads with Kagiso and his friends over what happened to Mandla. On a night out at Nellies Tavern, teachers Milton and Thabo drink heavily and Milton recklessly seduces Noluthando in the toilet. Whilst Sello discusses conflict resolution with the Matric boys, Tifo and Phil argue loudly at the school gates, their resentment boiling over. Menzi arrives on the scene. Both men are in agreement about one thing – Dimpho and Menzi must never see each other again.

Episode 6

Tifo confiscates Dimpho’s cell phone as punishment. She asks Zakes to tell Menzi to meet her at the hospital. Menzi accuses his father of putting profit before safety. Nomsa refuses to give Jo-Jo money for drink and later he returns to the house and threatens Thoko, hurting her. Thandeka spots the injury and suspects Lucky. Menzi overhears Dimpho rehearsing the words she will say to end her relationship with him. Lindiwe steals liquor from home for a party at a friend’s house. Thabo has been drinking heavily at Nellies and, while driving home, knocks over Lindiwe in the street.

Episode 7

Luckily, Lindiwe has only sustained a broken leg and a nasty cut. Phil is furious with Thabo for driving drunk but he’s equally shocked to learn Lindiwe was also drunk. Menzi has innovative ideas for improving the Corner Tavern but Phil is not interested. Lucky visits Lindiwe in hospital – could this be the beginnings of a romance and a turn around for Lucky? A man comes forward to claim responsibility for the fire at the Corner, saying he was inspired by Tifo’s words. At school tension mounts between Thandeka and Thabo over Lindiwe’s accident. Yoli, the new teacher, makes a big impression on Milton.

Episode 8

Dimpho and Menzi talk. Phil snubs a CPF meeting but is shocked to see Mandla’s condition in hospital. Thoko thinks of a plan to protect herself and her little sister. Will they need to use it?

Episode 9

Dudu launches the Phuza Wize campaign to make drinking places safer. Can Tifo really listen? Meanwhile, Nellie’s Tavern is becoming a dangerous hot-spot.

Episode 10

After a heavy night of drinking, Beauty does something really stupid. Nomsa takes a stand with serious consequences.

Episode 11

Jo-Jo wants forgiveness. The Phuza Wize Watch patrols the streets. Phil introduces new measures at the Corner Tavern. Lindiwe offers to teach Lucky how to rap. Is there a new romance brewing?

Episode 12

Is Mandla coming round? Nontsi plots her revenge Lucky helps Nomsa prepare and sell food at The Corner. Can the Phuza Wize Watch diffuse a tense situation at Ma Thuli’s?

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