Soul Buddyz Series 5: The Story Overview

The series begins with a surprise party for Pule and Zingi. Pule has become the principal of his childhood primary school, Klipville Primary. He has personally invested in the school because it inspired him to become a teacher. Klipville Primary is a mixed race school and serves several communities with different cultures.

Pule and Zingi move in with Pule’s mother, Moyikami so they can be close to the school and help Pule with Zingi. Gogo has also enrolled Sifiso and Bongi at Klipville and believes Pule can restore the school to its former glory. The school is faced with challenges such as discipline problems that are exacerbated by the use and sale of alcohol on the school premises.

Zingi, Sifiso and Bongi form a new Soul Buddyz group and meet new Buddyz whilst on a quest to find dancers for a Soul Buddyz dance competition. The Soul Buddyz group is joined by new members, Gabriel and Mo. The Buddyz deal with the impact of alcohol abuse at home. They are committed to getting shebeen owners to stop selling alcohol to minors.

Bongi starts stealing things to help alleviate Gogo’s financial stress. She thinks Gogo will be able to kick malume (uncle) Vuyani out if she does not need the money. She finally plucks up the courage to tell Gogo how vulnerable Vuyani’s drinking makes her feel. Gogo implements a no drinking law in her home and even though Vuyani is resistant in the beginning, he promises to clean up his act and abide by Gogo’s no drinking in the house rule.

Pule comes up with a solution to help the Buddyz deal with Forget’s complicated home environment. The Buddyz are disqualified when they are a member short in the first round of the dance competition which is a few days away. The Buddyz give up their dancing dreams to focus on finding a way to stop the sale of alcohol at school. They produce a documentary to show how underage drinking and alcohol in schools is affecting kids in the community. The tavern owners are moved by the Buddyz documentary and agree not to sell alcohol to kids under the age of 18, sticking to regulated business hours at their shebeens, not selling quarts etc.

A crisis occurs when Liza collapses due to alcohol poisoning. The Buddyz intervention saves her life. The Buddyz mobilise the community to stand together and get the non–compliant tavern owner to stop selling alcohol to minors.

They organise a march comprising of parents and students. Liza’s father, Slate leads the march - he raps into a megaphone asking the community to boycott the tavern that is selling to minors. The community is moved by the march. They boycott the non-compliant tavern. The tavern owner eventually concedes.

The “Amakoporoshe” gang’s plans are now truly thwarted. They cannot get alcohol from anywhere - they need to look for another survival strategy. Brains, organises a “smash and grab” behind Slay’s back. He manipulates Forget into participating. But Forget thwarts the “smash and grab” and manages to escape. Slay has a radical change of heart when he discovers that his brother is missing. He asks Pule for help. Pule and Slay finds Forget in gogo’s house. Slay does not want to lose his brother again. He quits the gang which refuses to listen to reason. They try another “smash and grab”. Smumu and Legs are arrested. Brains, evades capture and hopefully learns his lesson.

Meanwhile Gogo, with the help of Vuyani , manages to get to the heart of Sifiso drinking and bad behaviour. Gogo affirms him by telling him how much she loves him but she creates very clear boundaries with regards to his behaviour. Sifiso apologises to the Buddyz and is welcomed back into the fold.

The series climaxes with the final of the Soul Buddyz dance competition - the Buddyz are united once more. They dance their hearts out but don’t win. They are not upset because the real victory is what they have achieved for their school and community. With the support of the community, the Buddyz manage to rid the streets of the “Amakoporoshe” and in so doing, transform their school into an alcohol and violence free zone.

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