The Cast

  • Zingi: Faith Sekgopi
  • Bongi: Yolanda Msimanga
  • Sifiso: Anele Mnguni
  • Forget: Siyabonga Xaba
  • Mo: Neo Williams
  • Gabriel: Garion Dowds
  • Dombolo: Kgosi Mongake
  • Pule: Stoan Seate
  • Liza: Chiarra Visser
  • Gogo: Nandi Nyembe
  • Slay: Mpho Sebeng
  • Vuyani: Jet Ka Mngcanabana
  • Slate: Craig Palm
  • Moyikami: Nakedi Ribane
  • Layla: Renate Stuurman

Bios of key members of the cast

Faith Sekgopi (Zingi)

Faith was raised in Kagiso by her grandmother and went to live with her parents and older sister when she was 5yrs old. She still lives in Kagiso and attends Carroll Shaw Christina School. She started off by doing plays at church and was introduced to an agent by her sister’s friend. She went for various auditions and finally got a part in Soul Buddyz 5. She also loves singing, modeling, radio and wants to be a radio presenter one day.

Zingi in the series

Fun loving, passionate, committed, with a tendency towards well intentioned bossiness Zingi is excited about starting at a new school and being close to her best friend Bongi, but her fervent desire to fit in and belong clouds her judgment causing her to hurt those closest to her.

Yolanda Msimanga (Bongi)

Yolanda Msimanga is 13 years old and was born in Soweto. She describes herself as sweet, intelligent, loud, talkative and loveable with a tendency to be fussy and perfectionist.

She went to Taiwan with her parents in 2000 and stayed there for 2 years, where his late dad Mzwakhe Msimanga was a diplomat. She leant to speak Mandarin whilst in Taiwan. She started school at Joshua Naude Primary and proceeded to Panorama Primary for her grade 2 and 3. She is currently in grade 4 at Lyndhurst Primary.

She joined an agency and drama school in 2005 after being encouraged by her aunt. This helped her to become confident and self worthy. In 2008, she got a tv debut in Binnelanders, Mnet. Her second job was an international movie called Janjaweed. She went to audition for Soul Buddyz in 2009 and got the part of Bongi. She made friends she still keeps in touch with. She is currently playing has a role in Jacob’s Cross.

Bongi in the series

Sensitive, thoughtful and perceptive; having recently lost her mother Bongi is terrified of losing her beloved Gogo. Desperate that nothing upsets her world, she will do anything to prevent causing her grandmother concern. Her anxiety leads her to make bad choices, at first telling her grandmother white lies, at worst stealing from her friends.

Anele Mnguni (Sifiso)

Anele Mnguni was born on the 3rd of April 1996. He started school at Alberton primary school in 2003. His first acting experience was in 2007 on a Raja commercial whilst his first drama experience was on Soul Buddies in 2009, directed by Amanda Lane. He likes acting as he gets to meet interesting people and learn more about being in front of the camera. He is currently attending East Rand School of Arts and wants to pursue acting as his career.

Sifiso in the series

Funny, popular and ambitious Sifiso is determined to form a group and enter the Soul Buddyz dance competition. His enthusiasm for the idea entices others to join him. However, Sifiso is desperate to be the best and to have other people's approval. As a result he finds himself constantly frustrated by his own lack of ability and jealous of other's success. His insecurity leads him to drink to make him feel confident. It is through his friends and family's support that he learns to believe in himself again.

Garion Dowds (Gabriel)

Garion was born in Amanzimtoti and is 14 yrs old. His family moved to Johannesburg when he was only a year old. He goes to Reddam House College. His father is an actor and has influenced his interest in acting. His mother is a drama teacher which has come in very handy. He auditioned for various roles from an ealry age and has done adverts and features in some episodes of Snazzy stories, The Prisoner before getting a role in Soul Budyz. He loves music, plays a guitar anfd hopes to be a big musician some day. He aso plays waterpolo.

Gabriel in the series

Gabriel is the son of the Methodist priest whose parish is in the same area as Klipville Primary. As the only white child in the township Gabriel sticks out like a sore thumb. Desperate to belong, he endears himself to the Amakoporoshe. Sensitive, and observant he soon realizes that his new friends are not as fun as he thought, he is quick to reject them and is grateful when the Buddyz ask him to join their group.

Stoan Seate (Pule)

Serai “Stoan” Seate most well known for his part in highly successful band, Bongo Muffin, has dreams of owning the biggest record label in South Africa. At present the record label is only one and half years old but Stoan says he has signed himself as a solo artist, Bongo Muffin, Dogs of War and there are others in the pipeline. No stranger to the entertainment industry for the last ten years, Stoan derives his name from his rap days when he was known as ‘Stoan Kold-T’. He was called to a screen test for Soul Buddyz claiming the part of teacher, Pule, with whom Stoan says he shares his pragmatic nature and ability to maintain a positive outlook.

Apart from a cameo in Molofish, his other TV work includes presenting Castle Loud from 2001 to 2003 and Lillizela the music game show, during 2004. He admires Tumisho Masha, who was known to some as Dumisani in Isidingo and his Hollywood heroes are Robert de Niro and Al Pacino.

Pule in the series

The new, energetic and inspirational young headmaster who is determined to turn Klipville Primary into a star school. He brings with him a modern attitude to education, that is strongly anti corporal punishment and believes that each child is unique and needs special care and attention. He battles apathetic teachers, poor resources, absent parents and an unruly student body to rid the school of alcohol and violence.

Chiarra Visser (Liza)

Chiarra Camille Visser was born on 30 March 1997 in a fishing village on the West Coast of Cape Town called Vredenburg. A second child and first daughter to her family, she was named Chiarra (which means light or bright). At the age of four she moved to Pretoria and started a new chapter in her life. She is an outgoing child and very outspoken. Chiarra was inspired to sing and take lesson (piano and recorder) after hearing a local opera singer at church. She began singing at church and concerts and also spoke at school speech festivals and won a golden award for that.

She landed a role in Soul Buddyz without any previous experience. Chiarra is an achiever and won awards at school. She recently did choreography for the grade 4-6 children for the KFC choir festival. She is also learning Northern Sotho as a second language. She is vary active and participates in swimming, athletics, singing, concerts, netball and cheer leading

Chiarra is living up to the name she has been given, being the brightest light in the crowd and a light in every one’s heart.

Liza in the series

Daughter of the famous Kwaito Star Slate, Liza attracts much attention from the other children in which she apparently revels. But she hides an insecurity which comes from a pressure to be as cool as her father. Inside a self serving and arrogant shell is a very nice person. She starts as the president of the Klipville Soul Buddyz and eventually learns what it is to be a real buddy.

Mpho Sebeng (Slay)

Mpho was born in Soweto and raised in Witpoortie, Randburg. He is the eldest in the family an lives with his parents, granddad and aunt and is the eldest in the family. He is currently in high school and attends West Ridge High. When he was 12 yrs old, her mom’s friend spotted him in a school production and encouraged him to pursue acting. His major roles were in Justice for All, Zero Tolerance, Bay at Plenty. He got into Soul Buddyz after auditioning for a part as a gang leader. He will also play the role of Tsietsi Mashini in the movie Winnie which will be aired in 2011. His favorite acting memory was meeting Jennifer Husdon on set in the movie. His interests besides acting are script writing, photography and directing. Mpho has a passion for the arts and wants to play a role in the growth of the industry in South Africa.

Slay in the series

The leader of the Amakoporoshe, Slay is Forget's elder brother. He promised their deceased mother that he would take care of his brother and this he does the only way he knows how; through selling alcohol to school kids. His dream is to become a Hip Hop star like his hero Slate, but he feels the weight of responsibility taking care of Forget and the Amakoporoshe. Strong, generous and proud Slate doesn't know how to trust or ask for help, but when Forget disappears he is forced to re-examine the choices he has made for himself and his brother.

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