Soul Buddyz Episode Synopses

Episode 1 – 10th January

Zingi arrives in Klipville nervous about starting at a new school but excited to make new friends. She is enthusiastically welcomed by Sifiso and especially Bongi who is keen to start their own Soul Buddyz group. Zingi is awed at the prospect of meeting Kwaito Star Slate's daughter, Liza. But what price is she prepared to pay to be accepted?

Episode 2 – 17th January

Bongi feels alone as a result of Zingi's rejection and being labelled as not ayoba by Liza. She is comforted when Gogo gives her a special birthday present. The present attracts unnecessary attention from the gang. Can Bongi get herself out of this sticky situation?

Episode 3 – 24th January

Bongi is traumatised after her assault by the gang but she cannot confide in Gogo for fear of upsetting her. Zingi desperately tries to make things right with Bongi. Will their friendship survive this betrayal and what are her plans to deal with the gang?

Episode 4 - 31st January

Zingi is disappointed Bongi hasn't accepted her apology, not realising that Bongi is anxious about her Gogo and the gang’s revenge. Zingi, Gabriel and Sifiso find a solution to Gogo's financial problems. Bongi sets about reclaiming her backpack - will she succeed?

Episode 5 – 7th February

Sifiso dreams of winning the Soul Buddyz dance competition. He puts the Buddyz through their paces at rehearsals. Mo's arrival in the group sparks Sifiso's jealousy. When he returns home, he finds their new tenant drunk. How far will Sifiso go to drown his own sorrows?

Episode 6 – 14th February

Alcohol wrecks havoc in the lives of the Buddyz and their loved ones.
Forget is bust selling alcohol. He is terrified. What will his punishment be and how will he deal with his brother’s involvement in the gang? In rehearsals the Buddyz are dumbfounded by Sifiso's clumsiness and aggression. What is the cause?

Episode 7 – 21st February

Excitement and tension builds as the Buddyz prepare for the first round of the dance competition. But they are confounded as their personal belongings consistently go missing. Who is the culprit?

Episode 8 – 28th February

When Forget tells the Buddyz he can't hang out with them anymore, they come up with a plan to help. Working tirelessly to make a documentary that exposes the truth, the Buddyz wear themselves down, to the point that Pule gives them a choice between participating in the dance competition or making the documentary. What will they choose?

Episode 9 – 7th March

Invigorated by the success of their documentary and winning the first round of the dance competition, the Buddyz organise a dance marathon to raise funds.

Forget refuses to sell alcohol to the gang - see what happens as a result.

Vuyani is horrified after watching the footage that Bongi filmed of him drunk - can a leopard change its spots?

Episode 10 – 14th March

Sifiso feels desperately guilty and responsible for Liza's brush with death. As punishment, Pule makes Liza help the Buddyz as the regional final looms. Slate speaks out about alcohol abuse at school.

Episode 11 – 21st March

The Buddyz win the regional finals. What do they discover that makes their joy short lived?

Sifiso blames Forget and alienates himself from the Buddyz because he thinks they are going to reject him. Confused by Sifiso's betrayal, the Buddyz concentrate on ridding alcohol from their school once and for all. Will their plan work?

Episode 12 – 28th March

Forget foils Brain’s plans by sabotaging the smash and grab and escapes. Desperate, Slay goes looking for Forget. At the same time Gogo confronts the gang and rescues Sifiso whilst making a shocking discovery. What makes Slay reassess his life choices and quit the Amakoporoshe for good?

Episode 13 – 4th April

Things are bitter sweet for the Buddyz as they prepare for the final of the Soul Buddyz dance competition. They have achieved all their goals but there have been consequences.

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