Soul Buddyz Series 5

Soul Buddyz, a television programme that you really want to watch together with your children is coming back on screens.

Soul Buddyz is a real-life television drama specifically developed for 8 to 14 year olds, with consistently the highest audience ratings in its category. The fifth series follows a tremendous success of the previous series.

The latest Soul Buddyz series is a central part of the PHUZA WIZE campaign, a national campaign that aims to mobilise communities to bring about changes in acceptable drinking behaviour. The focus will be on violence prevention, and specifically the role of alcohol as a catalyst for violence.

The new series will appeal not only to children, but also to the adults who take care of them. With strong real-life stories that affect children, their parents and their teachers, it delivers the positive message that all irrespective of age should and can talk about issues.

The series also challenges the stereotype that children are incapable of making informed choices and reinforces the message that kids can be active citizens in society. After the success of the first three Soul Buddyz series, children said that they wanted to imitate their heroes in the programme. Due to this demand Soul Buddyz Clubs were set up across the country.

The Soul Buddyz Clubs have attracted almost 130 000 children in almost 6 500 clubs countrywide who are beavering away as agents for social change in their communities and in their own lives.

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