Soul Buddyz Episode Synopses

A breakdown of each episode.

Episode 1

Thami is ‘campaigning’ to become a class rep and wants to win at all cost. He pays a heavy prize in his quest to win. Pule has sad news to share with Clinton whilst the Soul Buddyz gain new members and new ways of dealing with their feelings.

Episode 2

Sipho learns that the good things in life are worth the wait and honesty is the way to a girl’s heart. Pule is deeply depressed about his situation. The new class clown gets Pule and Clinton to argue. All ends well when Sipho becomes man of the match at the field and in his personal life.

Episode 3

Can Gogo Constance’s frail body manage with all the daily stress of loosing her children and looking after her grand-children? Pule has a shocking discovery to deal with at home and Hamilton is contemplating what to do about his future. KG gets the Buddyz motivated to get together and have a party for Tshidi.

Episode 4

All is arranged at Pule’s flat to accommodate Zingi. Zingi and Pule struggle to communicate, how will they resolve this problem? Nozipho is at a wrong place at a wrong time, and witnesses an act which has devastating consequences to her emotional well being. At the school grounds someone is using a spray can to write and draw images on a wall – who is the culprit?

Episode 5

Pule has a lot on his plate to deal with – both at work and at home, and finds a friend to lean on. Zingi does not fit in at school and lacks positive attention at home. She starts feeling alone. She finds other ways of finding love and comfort. Pule opens up to her and tries to show her the way. Meanwhile, Tshidi has to come to terms with the drastic changes in her life while Hamilton finds his passion.  

Episode 6

Kylie’s parents’ fighting is causing her a lot of heartache. Something startles KG and makes him scream. His life might never be the same afterwards. Gogo brushes this off – and this confuses KG even more. He resorts to getting advice from Sbonelo who makes things worse. Later at a party, everybody, except KG, enjoys themselves - how will he get himself out of this embarrassing situation?

Episode 7

Nozipho notices that Kylie is not her normal self and is worried about this. Kylie realises his parents are separating and resorts to violence and bullying to deal with her pain. Who will be her target? Pule on the other hand tries to deal with Zingi’s graffiti issues at school as a father and not as her school’s principal. He finds a creative way to deal with this problem.

Episode 8

Zingi’s body is undergoing changes and this confuses her. How will she relate this “girly” stuff to her father? With the support of the buddyz - Brenda and Clinton - Zingi and Pule finds it easier to deal with her growth and Zingi steals the show at a funky event! 

Episode 9

KG’s sneaky escapades get him into trouble with Gogo. He finds missing pieces to his life’s puzzles. Gogo can’t deal with the pain of what KG is looking for, what could be troubling her so much. KG learns a lesson or two about HIV/AIDS from Nozipho and is relived that he is not in danger. Gogo gets the necessary support from those in a similar situation like her.  

Episode 10

All the Buddyz and other kids are inside the taxi. Prins fancies himself the coolest driver on the road and does all sorts of dangerous moves on the road. His negligent behaviour leads to catastrophic consequences that affect him and everybody concerned. How will everybody cope and emerge from this bleak situation.   

Episode 11

The Buddyz visit Brenda and Clinton who are trying to come to terms with their loss.. The buddies are also struggling to express their sad emotions - the emotional barometer comes to the rescue. At the end everybody agrees that during loss, parents need to seek help for themselves and their children.

Episode 12

Thami is finding it very difficult to cope with his new condition and withdraws from everyone. The Buddys have a lovely surprise for him and he later learns that there is a silver lining in every cloud.  

Episode 13

The buddyz show compassion to Tshidi when she needs them the most. There is a lot of excitement at Zingi’s party and the buddyz show their parents and elders that they can do it for themselves once more!

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