The Story Overview

It is the beginning of a new year of school. Sipho and Nozipho travel to school in their uncle Prins’ taxi. They are joined by a younger, energetic KG who, in their view, is overeager to become a buddy and appears to be a motor-mouth. He even has new songs composed on each of the buddyz team members.


KG almost has his spirits dampened and left confused when he realises that the buddyz are not what he had believed them to be. They seem not to have their act together. They are not meeting to plan projects to save the world.

His is more than keen to tell them of his disappointment in the group when he learns that his cousin Tshidi, a buddy in a rural area, is in trouble and the buddyz are not even aware of it. The group - now mainly made up of Nozipho, Sipho, Thami and Kylie - realise that they have been left unable to define their role after the older buddyz had gone to high school. They immediately get into action and help to bring Tshidi to her family in the township.

All the children residing in the township travel in Prins’ taxi to get to and from school. They live in constant fear of an accident as Prins disobeys the rules of the road, exceeding the speed limit as he weaves his way through traffic and is impatient with other road users. The children feel they can do nothing to change Prins’ behaviour.

KG, in true wannabe style, is ceaselessly inspired to write hiphop rhymes and threatens to outshine everyone on the dance floor, especially Zingi, in the charity shows set up by Hamilton to raise money to support orphaned children. Zingi is Pule’s daughter whom he did not know about until her mother, Tessa, his old flame from his days at university, drops her off at his doorstep as she goes overseas to further her studies.

This leaves Zingi confused and angry. She wants to prove herself not to be a goody-two-shoes just because her father is the school principal. She secretly vandalises school property by spray-painting the walls. KG sees her. He makes her promise not to do it again. The two develop an unspoken bond. KG designates himself Zingi’s bodyguard as she gets herself involved with an older boy who kidnaps and nearly rapes her. The buddyz give Zingi support as she learns that she needs to make friends with people her own age who will allow her to speak her mind and not force her to do things she does not want.

The buddyz seem to come together as Pule, the acting principal, gives them space to use for their meetings in the school. What the buddyz do not know is that Kylie is going through problems at home as her parents are separating. She is left feeling angry and afraid. She tries to gain control by bullying little Tshidi. Kylie is caught by her friends who make it clear to her that buddyz do not bully each other and rather speak to each other about their problems. This is also a lesson that is learned by Nozipho who, after witnessing a robbery and threatened to silence by one of the robbers, is traumatised and cannot speak to anyone about her fears.

Thami and Sipho find themselves hurting girls who are their friends after feeling pressure from friends. They both learn to stand up against other boys who ill treat girls. Sipho also learns to talk openly about being a boy who has made a choice to remain a virgin in spite of much teasing from his soccer team mates. This causes the buddyz to talk about what readiness for sex means for young people and how they can prevent themselves from getting HIV and having unwanted pregnancies.

The buddyz find new ways of communicating and supporting each other but Prins’ behaviour continues to cause them grief. One morning, as the taxi arrives at school, Prins attempts to pull one of his stunts but this time causes a major crash killing young Brooke, inflicting injuries on the buddyz that are passengers in the vehicle and leaving Thami without one of his arms.


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