Soul Buddyz Episode Synopses

A breakdown of each episode.

Episode 1

Nozipho faces deteriorating health due to her HIV status, but has the full support of family and friends. Her brother, Sipho is inconsolable and can no longer concentrate on his schoolwork. He is also very upset that he is not getting attention and support from his parents who also expecting him strong for his sister. He is also torn because he fears losing his sister. His parents eventually encourage him to open up about his emotions.

Episode 2

Bonnie and Aunty Baps are concerned about the kind of foods bought by the children at the tuckshop. They decide to introduce healthy choices that learners will like. Dr. Khumalo, the soccer player visits the school to promote fitness through a competition for the 2010 World Cup Soccer. Bheki is the newest member of the SGB and the Buddyz decide on a puppet show to encourage support for families dealing with HIV.

Episode 3

A sad Thapelo has bigger problems when Tshidi disappears. There is drama in town as the Buddyz look for Tshidi. Aunty Vi is confronted for neglecting the children and she decides to leave. When Aunty Vi leaves them he worries about their future. Karabo assures him of her support. Sipho gets more information about ARV’s and makes a commitment to be Nozipho’s treatment partner

Episode 4

The Buddyz agree ‘Side by Side’ is a great name for the concert and discuss inviting ex-cricketer and motivational speaker, Victor Vermeulen. Tracking him down proves to be quite a challenge but they eventually get hold of him. Sipho gives the Buddyz information on ART’s whilst Pule’s finds himself in a difficult financial situation when his car is repossessed.

Episode 5

Someone has rummaged through and stolen some of the vegetables from the food garden at the school. Stompie is revealed as the culprit and security issues are raised at the SGB meeting. The Buddyz learn that being poor is no excuse for stealing as Stompie is punished for his deed.

Episode 6

The Buddyz have a dance party to raise money for the puppet show. Rashaad thinks it is not appropriate for Sipho to hang out with a group of girls. As far as he is concerned, he cannot be friends with girls. Brett goes to a loan shark to pay for the repairs on his car and this infuriates Cathy. Karabo and Tumi are chased by a stalker but Pule saves the day.

Episode 7

Nazli Adams is introduced as the new school social worker and she talks about the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) policy document, which is clear on the rights of HIV positive teachers. Nozipho is upset that her father will not let her help fix appliances in his workshop because she is a girl. Her father is surprised when she single-handedly fixes a broken iron The Buddyz visit Judge Edwin Cameron and are delighted when he agrees with their plan.

Episode 8

Thami’s adoption is almost final but he continues to have nightmares. His excitement at the news that the police have found her mother is stifled when he learns she does not want him. Mr. Mofokeng is delighted to see Thapelo at the trials for the athletics team. Thapelo is encouraged by Gogo to participate.

Episode 9

Some children get sick from drinking the water. The SGB treats it as a priority and arrange for the school to get a sponsored water tank. Clinton, who has decided to reveal his HIV status, joins Hamilton and Nozipho when they go to meet Musa. Tumi deals with the challenges of growing up without a father and seeks advice from the Buddyz.

Episode 10

Love is in the air between Brenda and Clinton after he assures her that he just admires Musa as a role model. Pule involves Nazli in finding a suitable home for Stompie who has been found to be sleeping in the school shed. Stompie shows promise as a writer and uses writing to express his feelings.

Episode 11

Brooke deals with the rapidly spreading news of Clinton’s HIV with the support of her friends. Musa give Brenda advice on how to deal with and HIV positive partner. Sipho steals money from his mother for a pair of new ‘Jackals’ but his guilt forces him to confess. Sipho is punished for this but is later pleasantly surprised by his mother.

Episode 12

Hamilton welcomes Thami home with a great surprise. Thapelo wins the mini marathon and Mr. Mofokeng is encouraged by his athletics ability. The Zip Zap circus agrees to be part of the Side by Side concert. Brett learns other ways of dealing with his anger

Episode 13

There is much excitement as the day of the Side by Side concert has finally arrived. Mrs. Badul thanks the Buddyz and the parents for their support. Cathy and Brett cement their feelings for each other and Pule proposes to Pabi.

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