The Story Overview

Living positively with HIV is the main thread of the series which opens with Nozipho sick in hospital.

Nozipho begins treatment and her brother becomes her treatment partner. With the support of her parents and Soul Buddyz she becomes well again. Thami’s journey is a difficult one. He is still trying to deal with to the loss of his mother who he desperately wants to find. He gains a lot of support from Hamilton and Batsi. Parental and sibling love are strong themes. As spirits lift, the energy focuses on the Buddyz’ Side by Side concert, a theme that brings home the message of acceptance and support for people living with HIV, and disabilities.

The importance of nutrition and lifestyle is tackled through changes at the tuckshop when Aunty Baps introduces some healthy alternatives to the usual sweets and chips. The other teachers also rally support for healthy living. Clinton runs a competition to promote fitness and Mr. Mofokeng who manages the athletics team is delighted to discover Thapelo’s potential as an athlete.

Nazli Adams is the new social worker at the school. She helps the school live up to the ideal of being a node of care for vulnerable children The series has a number of exciting romances with many ups and downs.

The lessons about money management and how to understand the difference between what one wants versus what one needs are learnt through Brett’s harsh experience with loan sharks when he borrows money to pay for costly car repairs and Sipho stealing to buy cool jeans. Pule’s financial woes continues when his car is repossessed and his credit card account closed.

There are many new real life heroes in this story – Musa Njoko, Victor Vermeulen, Edwin Cameron and Doctor Khumalo who all help the Soul Buddyz and participate in the Side by Side concert. They are important role models, but the real heroes are the Soul Buddyz and their families who bravely confront the difficult issues they deal with every day.

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