Soul Buddyz Episode Synopses

A breakdown of each episode.

Episode 1

Thapelo's Story:

Thapelo’s father has died because of AIDS. The buddyz travel from the city to support him during the burial of his father. Tshidi, his younger sister, is overwrought with grief while he tries to remain strong. He realizes that he has a great deal of support from his friends, neighbours and, possibly, from his aunt Vi who has come to stay and look after them. He still has fears of how he is going to take care of things at home.

Sipho, one of the new children at the urban school, fights with a bully who trips his twin sister who is HIV positive. Nozipho, the other twin decides that his brother’s over protection comes from his fear of people discriminating against her because of her status. She suggests to her parents that they should disclose her status to the school

Episode 2

Tumi's Story:

Pabi finds out if there are any openings at the urban school for Tumi. Although she has her doubts, the principal accepts Tumi in spite of her visual impairment. Tumi realises that it is going to be a challenge for her to fit in with some of the children.

Episode 3

Kylie's Story:

The Buddyz work on a safety and security assignment. Kylie’s idea to interview her father who she claims is a police captain, turns sour when they find out he has lost his job in the police force and then takes out his anger on his family.

Episode 4

Thapelo's Story:

The principal informs Thapelo that he has to pay school fees for him and his sister or else they will have to leave the school. His financial woes are worsened because he also needs to get a school uniform for his sister who is joining the school.

Episode 5

Zandi’s Story:

Zandi meets Mak, a young talented poet who has a physical disability. They become friends and he helps her with her poetry assignment. He invites her to come her to a poetry café where does recitals. Siya does not like the idea of his sister going out with a guy with a disability.

Episode 6

The Buddyz witness a child at school eating out of a rubbish bin. They tried to help the child but he refuses help. He later faints of hunger and Thami assures him that he doesn’t have to be embarrassed because of being poor.

Episode 7

Kylie’s Story:

Kylie is invites the buddyz to organize a surprise anniversary performance for her parents. She gets embarrassed as her father lashes out in anger in the presence of her friends.

Episode 8

Nozipho’s Story:

The children at school discriminate against Nozipho after finding out about her HIV status. She fears that Soul Buddyz will also not want to be her friend once they know.

Episode 9

Tumi’s Story:

Tumi’s tape recorder falls into the swimming pool. The buddyz try to help get it fixed but cannot afford to pay for it. Tumi falls behind with her school work and is stressed because she is afraid to tell her mother about the accident.

Episode 10

Clinton has discovered his HIV positive status and finds it difficult to cope. He is absent form school and his colleagues become concerned about him.

Episode 11

Bonnie’s Story:

Bonnie auditions for the dance troupe and some girls say she is too fat to fit in. She starves herself and collapses as a result. She realizes that she has to keep fit by eating and exercising.

Episode 12

Karabo’s Story:

Karabo is put under preassure to have a cellphone. She “borrows” money from the buddyz saving kitty. They discover that she has done this.

Episode 13

Nozipho’s Story:

Nozipho’s cough develops into flu. She is rushed to hospital and the sister says she thinks it could be pneumonia.

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