The Story Overview

The series starts with strong emotion with Thapelo’s father dying of AIDS. It continues to explore the theme of HIV and AIDS focusing on education, educators and learners. This is examined through Nozipho (learner) who is brave enough to disclose that she is HIV positive and Clinton (teacher) who chooses to hide when he discovers that he is HIV positive.

Despite Tumi’s visual impairment she is included in a mainstream school environment. The role of school governing bodies is also profiled in this series.

Pule, a teacher, played by Stoan Seate of Bongo Muffin fame is a positive role model who is well-liked by the learners. However, he has to learn to manage his finances as he is living beyond his means.

Issues of nutrition and lifestyle are highlighted in a story where Bonnie’s weight issues come to the fore when she wants to be part of the school dance troupe. She is pressured to be thinner.

Family relationships are shown through sibling support with Thapelo getting his sister into school (a child-headed household), Sipho’s protection over his HIV positive sister and Siya’s interference in Zandi’s friendship with Mak, which blossoms through their common interest in poetry.

Kylie experiences her father’s anger when he loses his job as a police captain and her efforts to please him are in vain. Tumi is afraid to tell her mother about dropping her tape recorder into the swimming pool.

The Soul Buddyz are always there to lend support. They offer comfort to Thapelo, when his father dies; they assist Tumi to fix the tape recorder; they keep an eye on the poor in their community - and an equally sharp eye on Karabo’s attempt to take money from their savings due to peer pressure to have a cell phone.

Nozipho’s pneumonia diagnosis creates suspense at the end of the series.

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