Soul Buddyz Episode Synopses

Episode 1 - Zandi's story

You can do something to make the environment clean and safe.

The Buddyz office, the Zola bus, has been removed. They have to find a place where they can meet and hang out. They try the public park, but a gang is also using it as as their hangout place. The park is also very dirty. The Buddyz try and create a space for their recreational use in the park but keep on being thwarted by the gangsters. At the same time they deal with cleaning up the environment.

Episode 2 - Karrabul's story

HIV and AIDS - find out the fact and don't discriminate

Karabo continues to live in the rural area, where she decides to establish a Buddyz group with her new friend Ndivhuho. Thapelo, whose mother has died and father is living with AIDS, is one of the only children interested in joining, but Ndivhuho is against it. Ndivhuho objects to Thapelo joining because of his father's HIV status. Karabo tries to convince her that there is no danger and in the process Karabo almost loses her friend and not get the Buddyz group started. In the end Ndivhuho realizes that she cannot get HIV from being friends with Thapelo and they start the Massive Buddyz group.

Episode 3 - Andre's story

Ask for help if you have problems

After his mother's death, Andre goes to live with his uncle Tommy. Tommy is a bachelor and struggles financially to cope with this new role. Andre's school fees need to be paid, but he doesn't want to tell Uncle Tommy because he doesn't want to be a burden, especially since Uncle Tommy had just bought him new school clothes. Andre tries and raises money for himself and is too embarrassed to ask for help. Uncle Tommy finds out about the school fees and sells his car to get the money. In the meantime Andre had told his friends and he finds out that he can apply for a foster care grant. He and Uncle Tommy talk and they go see a social worker. And they get the car back.

Episode 4 - Hamilton's story

Children can take action to make a difference to their environment

Hamilton meets up with a distant cousin, Refiloe who becomes ill with cholera. He and the Buddyz decide to find out more information and then they try to convince other children in the community that they can help prevent cholera. Their first attempt fail because they did not have plan. They decide to use song and drama to inform children. Refiloe also recovers.

Episode 5 - Bonnie's story

Prejudice and discrimination is wrong.

A new girl, Delange - a refugee from the Congo starts at the school. She is a friend of Andre and lives in the same block as he. Andre asks Bonnie to keep an eye on Delange because she is in the same grade. Bonnie feels pressured by friends and discriminates against Delange. This brings her into conflict with the Buddyz. Bonnie in turn also experiences some discrimination and then realizes how she wronged Delange. She apologizes to Delange and the Buddyz with the help of her sister Avril.

Episode 6 - Zandi's story

You don't have to smoke to be cool.

Zandi starts high school and finds it difficult to make friends. She also likes a boy, Mandla, at her new school. In her journey to make friends and to look cool, she compromises herself and takes up smoking. This brings her in some conflict with the Buddyz. She also discovers that Mandla doesn't like people who smoke. In the end she learns that you don't have to smoke to be cool or to make friends.

Episode 7 - Karabo's story

Find ways to support children experiencing difficulties.

Karabo and Ndivhuho want to help Thapelo and his family. They discover that is it Thapelo's younger sister's -Tshidi - birthday. They decide to bake a cake. Instead of asking for help, they decide to steal the ingredients from the local shop, which is owned by Ndivhuho's family and get caught. They get punished. They then decide to collect ingredients from neighbours and attempt to bake a cake, which flops. Karabo's Gogo come to the rescue with a cake after she realizes their disappointment in not being able to make the cake.

Episode 8 - Hamilton's story


Hamilton meets up with a new fictional friend, Madoda that challenges him about what he is doing about the environment. In the process he involves the Buddyz and finds out how his personal action can help contribute to address environmental issues. He and the Buddyz learn about waste and the 4 R's - re-use, recycle, repair and reduce. They also add their own R of refuse.

Episode 9 - Siya's story

Drinking is not as cool as they make it look in adverts.

Siya and Zandi have a new stepfather, Siphiwe and stepbrother, Thulani. Siya thinks that Siphiwe is very nice, but discovers that he drinks a lot. Siphiwe embarrasses Siya in front of the Buddyz and soccer friends. And Siphiwe makes him wait in the rain whilst drinking in the shebeen. Siya in the end realizes how un-cool drinking is unlike what they portray in the advertisements.

Episode 10 - Siya's story

You can get help.

Siphiwe's drinking starts affecting the family life. Siya attempts to talk to Siphiwe about his drinking, which angers Siphiwe. Siya learns that people with drinking problems have to help themselves. He learns that he can help himself however.

Episode 11- Thapelo's story

Every child has the right to education.

Thapelo is taking care of his sick father and younger sister. He struggles to cope with the responsibilities. His sister hurts herself and he decides that he has to stop going to school if he has to meet his responsibilities of taking care of his family. Karabo and Ndivhuho seek help from the teacher and their families to convince him to come back to school.

Episode 12 - Duma's story

Make learning disabilities visible.

Duma is very popular, but he struggles with school. He cheats in a test and is discovered. The school finds out that he has a learning difficulty and sets about to help him.

Episode 13 - Praveena's story

Learn about other people's culture

Praveena jointly enters a modern dancing competition with Bonnie. He father forbids her. Her father thinks that she would lose her culture if she hangs out with the Buddyz. Together with some of the Soul Buddyz, she tries to show her father that he is wrong.

Episode 14 - Duma's story

Duma does not make the trials for the provincial team and Siya does. Duma is upset and his friends try to support him. A cousin of his offers him some alcohol and suggests that alcohol is a way to forget your problems. Although Siya also has a sip under duress, Duma and André gets very drunk and in fact, Andre becomes unconscious. They find out about the dangers of experimenting with alcohol.

Episode 15 - Thapelo's story

Thapelo is struggling to take care of his sick father and sister. They don't have food everyday. He decides to write to the President for help. His teacher finds out and tells him about the child support grant. He discovers that only his sister qualify for the grant. A corrupt official demands money from the family to process her grant application and the massive Buddyz decides to do something about it.

Episode 16 - Avril's story

Avril is under stress - she is busy with matric, has a part time waitressing job and now her uncle is finally going to go to court for sexually abusing her and her sister. She and her sister have to testify. She collapses and is offered some tablets to keep her going. She overuses the tablets and is then hospitalized.

Episode 17 - Bonnie's story

Bonnie is really stressed by having to testify in court against her uncle. She fears that she will not be believed and her uncle going free on the one hand, but also feels guilty that she might be breaking up the family. She finds out how the court works and is supported by her mother and counselor to tell the truth about what her uncle had done to her.

Episode 18 - Andre's story

A woman dies in the block of flats that Andre lives in. He and Delange find out that she had children, but the children do not want to talk. The Buddyz set out to help the children's family otherwise the children will be placed in a home for abandoned children.

Episode 19 - Thulane's story

Thulane feels that he is not welcome in his family, especially by his father and still hangs out with the gangsters. They convince him to smoke mandrax and to steal a computer from his school. Moreover, he is caught.

Episode 20 - Thulane's story

Thulane faces the prospect of going to jail. An assessor is assigned to his case to determine if he qualifies for a diversion programme.

Episode 21 - Karabo's story

The Massive Buddyz wants to increase their membership. The twins, Kebone and Rebone, suggest a friend, Frikkie. This highlights issues of difference and race in the group. The existence of the group depends on them working out their differences.

Episode 22 - Hamilton's story

Hamilton enlists the help of his fictional friend, Madoda, to convince his cousin Refiloe not to litter. Together they find out what the impact of littering and dumping can be on health. With the help of the Buddyz, they set out to raise awareness and clean up the community Refiloe lives in.

Episode 23 - Delange's story

Delange cannot cope with the discrimination she and her family experiences as foreigners in South Africa. She decides to go back to the Congo on her own to find her father. The Buddyz has to find her in time.

Episode 24 - Thapelo's story

Thapelo has started a vegetable garden to help feed this family. He uses river water for his garden. However, his plants start dying. Together with the Massive Buddyz they investigate why the plants are not growing. They discover that a nearby factory is pumping polluted water into the river. They set out to rectify the situation.

Episode 25 - Andre's story

Andre and Delange has a really close friendship, but everybody are asking questions and teasing them about being in a relationship. The issue gets complicated when Andre's father decides to visit.

Episode 26 - everyone's story

The Soul Buddyz and Massive Buddyz finally meet up. They consolidate their preparation for their presentation on social security for children at the President's office. Hamilton and Delange convince the Soul City community radio station that they record the event to be broadcasted later. They are delayed on their way to the President's office, arrive just in time, and make their presentation to a panel of ministers. We end with comments from all of them on how they feel about what they did.

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