Soul Buddyz Episode Synopses

A breakdown of each episode.

Episode 1

Siya's story: Siya comes to the city and finds out what it is like to be bullied, he meets the group of friends and they find a place to hang out away from the bullies. Siya's first day at school also gets him in trouble with the teacher. The issues dealt with are corporal punishment and bullying

Episode 2

Karabo's Episode: Karabo has to stay at home to look after her baby sister, so she can't enter the art competition. The issue dealt with is the right to go to school

Episode 3

Hamilton's story - The bullies get in the way when Hamilton meets Avril. Hamilton wants to deal with the bullies somehow. The issues dealt with are bullying and gun safety

Episode 4

Hamilton's story continued - the consequences of Hamilton's' actions are now clear. The Soul Buddyz get together to deal with the bullies.

Episode 5 & 6

Andre's story: Andre finds out that his mother has AIDS. He has to deal with this as well as find out more about HIV and AIDS.

Episode 7 & 8

Avril's Story - Avril's uncle comes to visit, bringing back painful memories of his sexual abuse of her when she was little. In episodes 7 & 8 she has to deal with the abuse and tries to tell an adult. Childline helps her and so does sister Bettina.

Episode 9

Jerome's Story - on the way to the first basketball game Jerome gets knocked over by a car.

Episode 10

Jerome's story - while Jerome is rehabilitated the children explore having scholar patrols at schools the message is children have impairments society disables them

Episode 11

Zandi's story - Zandi begins menstruating while All Star also has body changes. This makes them even more awkward in developing their relationship. The message is about changes and myths about puberty.

Episode 12

Zandi's story - Zandi dreams of becoming a pilot, but she has to overcome people's prejudices about the role of women in our society. The message is that girls and boys are equal.

Episode 13

Jerome's story - Jerome comes home from the hospital and has to deal with people staring at him and prejudice. The message is children are impaired, but society disables them.

Episode 14

Andre's story - Andre's family react badly to the news of his mother's HIV status, at the same time Andre finds out that his friend Chonchi has been fired from the local café for being HIV positive. The message is that it is wrong to discriminate against someone who is HIV positive or who has AIDS

Episode 15

Jerome's story - the Soul Buddyz have to fight for Jerome's right to go back to school. The message is children with disabilities have the right to go to school

Episode 16

Siya's story - Siya is tempted to behave badly and join a gang in an attempt to win friends the messages is that life is about choices and peer pressure is difficult to resist.

Episode 17

Jerome's Story - Jerome witnesses another pedestrian accident and with the help of Hamilton's new shoes comes up with the idea of a reflector campaign to make children more visible on the roads. Karabo goes to the rural areas.

Episode 18

Melusi's story - we go home with Melusi and gain insight into why he is a bully at school. He helps his younger brother when he burns himself. The messages is about abuse and how to treat burns

Episode 19

Zandi and All Star's story - Zandi and All Star mis-communicate about sex and things go very wrong. The message is that it is important to communicate about relationships and sex.

Episode 20

Zandi and All Star's story continued - Tammy, Zandi's friend thinks she may be pregnant, all the Soul Buddyz get a lesson in sex education, Sister Bettina shows them an animated video telling it like it is.

Episode 21

Siya's story - Siya discovers a ghost who turns out to be a blind child. The Soul Buddyz befriend Thabo. The message is that children with disabilities have the same rights as other children.

Episode 22

All Star's Story - All Star has an epileptic seizure at the party for the opening of Zake's new shop. The Soul Buddyz learn about epilepsy. We also reveal some popular people have epilepsy such as Jonty Rhodes, Vusi Mahlesela, Gerri Rantseli etc. the message is dispelling myths about disability and making disability visible

Episode 23

Andre's story - While the Soul Buddyz are preparing to go to the convention Andre's mother takes a turn for the worse. The messages are about dealing with death & grief

Episode 24

Hamilton's story - on the way to the convention the Soul Buddyz stop at an inviting dam for a swim with disastrous consequences. The message is about prevention and treatment of drowning. This Episode is set in a rural area

Episode 25

Karabo's story - the Soul Buddyz go all the way to fetch Karabo to go with to the convention and spend the nigh at her grandmothers place in a rural area, but she is not allowed to go as she has her duties to perform. The message is about girls and boys being equal and that children should express their feelings.

Episode 26

Everyone's story - everyone goes to the convention and the Soul Buddyz have a great time talking about their projects and meeting children from other countries. The message is about children's rights.

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