Literature Review

The Soul Buddyz electronic media is backed up with print material.

sb1_print_10-07.jpgThe Grade 7 booklet is user friendly and structured in the form of modules. Each module has a photo comic story relating to the television story which is followed by a number of activities as well as information on the issue. The book is designed as outcomes based materials and is both Curriculum 2005 and 21 compliant. It has a teacher’s page in each unit to assist teachers to use the material. It also explains the curriculum outcomes and includes contact numbers for more information.

The units cover the following issues:

  • Children’s rights and responsibilities
  • Identity and self esteem
  • Making friends and relating to other people
  • Coping with change, death and grief
  • Coping with difference - gender, race etc
  • Disability
  • Bullying / Gangs
  • Violence: conflict resolution, coping with living in violent communities and corporal punishment
  • Accidents at home – making the home environment safe
  • Accidents outside the home – especially road safety
  • Gun safety
  • Sexuality issues
  • STD’s including HIV/AIDS
  • Preventing and coping with abuse

A booklet was distributed to every grade 7 child in the country.

Soul Buddyz 1 Parenting Book

sb1_print_10-072.jpgA user friendly parenting booklet accompanies the Soul Buddyz series. The booklet covers the following topics: communication, building self-esteem, discipline, conflict, single parenthood, discussing sexuality and dealing with disability. It also includes how to talk about HIV, death and loss with your children, and basic information about how to deal with accidents. The booklet is very simply written and was distributed through the Sunday Times newspaper (a national weekly newspaper) as well as through non-governmental organisations.


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