Buddyz on the Move - Background

Broadcast Information
Saturdays from 29 July 2005 – 22 October 2005
TX time: 07h30 - 08h00
Channel: SABC1
Episodes: 13

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Buddyz on the Move is the first actuality programme developed specifically for children. It is a sister programme to the most popular South African television programme ever created for children, Soul Buddyz. Buddyz on the Move will be presented in a magazine format and is linked to the weekly Soul Buddyz drama broadcast through the focus issues such as nutrition, HIV/Aids, money management, gender and masculinity.

The second series will reflect and affirm positive action initiated by Soul Buddyz clubs, which are situated across the country. It will profile what children are doing in their own communities to make a difference. This programme will inspire both children and adults. The programme is anchored by three well known Buddyz actors and ordinary children present and provide the content for the programme.

What does Buddyz on the Move involve?
A bus and a crew travel around the country each week to visit Buddyz Clubs that host the television show. Club members are involved in different ways in the production of the programme. Each club highlights issues and solutions in their own communities. The clubs showcase innovation, interesting teamwork and also engage other people in their communities. Clubs do not have to spend money, but they genuinely contribute to their communities.

What is the link between Soul Buddyz and Buddyz on the Move?
The drama series, Soul Buddyz, is broadcast on Thursday evenings at 19h00 on SABC1 and deals with issues like HIV/Aids, disability, money matters, masculinity and nutrition. Buddyz on the Move covers the same issues as the drama series but does it through the eyes and experiences of ‘real live children’. The idea for Buddyz on the Move came about as a result of the success of Soul Buddyz Clubs. The programme showcases the successes of young children working in groups for their communities.

More about the Soul Buddyz series
Soul Buddyz is a real-life television drama specifically developed for 8 to 12-year olds and their parents, with consistently the highest audience ratings in its category. Due to the tremendous success of the previous two series, SABC flights the series at prime time - 19h00.

With strong real-life stories that affect children, their parents and their teachers, it delivers the positive message that all irrespective of age should – and can talk about issues.

It also breaks the stereotype that children are incapable of making informed choices and reinforces the message that kids can be active citizens in society.

How Soul Buddyz Clubs came about
After the success of the first television series of Soul Buddyz, children aged between 8 and 12 across the country wanted to form their own clubs as they were so inspired by their television heroes. The Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication heeded the call in 2002 and extended the Soul Buddyz concept to encompass Soul Buddyz Clubs – an innovative way of reaching children and helping them to take action in their own lives and communities.

Through the establishment of clubs, Soul Buddyz educates, enthuses and empowers children to become active agents for change in their own lives and communities. There are 2 200 clubs now with more than 45 000 members. Soul Buddyz clubs are for children, about children and by children.

Children are yearning for activities, participation and activism aimed at making a sustained difference in their families, schools and communities. The Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication and SABC Education, in collaboration with the Department of Education are responsible for Soul Buddyz Clubs.

How clubs work
As the Soul Buddyz target groups are at primary school, the Soul Buddyz clubs themselves are housed within primary schools. Schools serve as the focal point for targeting and accessing children. Schools also have the infrastructure in terms of venues for club meetings, as well as teachers to support or oversee club activities and dynamics. Libraries are also venues for clubs.

The Soul Buddyz clubs are facilitated by an educator based at primary schools and libraries and supplied with an annual manual and bi-monthly Buddyz Club newsletters and posters provided by Soul City. The activities link to the Soul Buddyz television and radio series and cover the topics presented.

Training is provided for teachers and librarians who register to facilitate and supervise club activities.

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