Schools as nodes of care (SNOC)


One of the core objectives of the Soul Buddyz Clubs Programme is to present schools as ‘nodes of care’ – where support is given to schools to help them to support vulnerable children affected by the HIV/Aids pandemic and poverty.

To achieve this, Soul Buddyz works with communities and government to give learners the knowledge, skills and values they need. Making the most of school resources, we create a learning environment that is both nurturing and protective. Within the SNOC philosophy, children are able, and enabled, to learn.


Together with the Departments of Health, Home Affairs and Social Development, Soul Buddyz Clubs runs outreach events to ensure that South African schools are places of service provision; places of safety; places that encourage success.


We make it our business to respond to the barriers faced by orphans and vulnerable children; to ensure that schools are sensitive to their learners’ realities.

To this end, we help educators to aim for quality learning, learner achievement and decreased drop-out rates. We also encourage increased school governance and parental involvement. In working with parents, government and communities, we promote holistic education that prepares pupils for active lives in society.

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