Parenting intervention

Soul Buddyz extends its reach beyond children, into the family. We offer a parenting support group for families involved in Soul Buddyz Clubs, which involves working with parents and providing parenting skills information and assistance.

The intervention consists of 11 training sessions with an average of 25 parents per session. Parents become more skilled and equipped to deal with parenting issues.

What parents learn

The parenting intervention focuses on parents as individuals, their behaviours and things that affect how children behave. Participants are encouraged to learn new skills to help children grow, develop and reach their potential.

The intervention helps parents to reflect on their skills and areas that need improvement. Understanding the children’s behaviours and analysing how their feelings affect their behaviours is an area of emphasis. Interactive learning through role plays is done in tackling issues like how parents can shape their children by building their self esteem.

Communication styles and how they affect children are discussed and role played. Building families through values that parents live by and values they want to teach their children is highlighted. Problem solving and sexuality issues are also tackled. Helping parents and their children to be active citizens through learning about alcohol abuse and preventing violence is prioritized. Child abuse and services that are available for social assistance are also discussed.

Soul City has partnered with Parent Centre, FAMSA, other organisations and individuals who produced the content.

Why the need for parenting skills?

Given the success of the Soul Buddyz Clubs, there was a clear need for an intervention that would help their parents too. Research revealed that most of the challenges the young people face emanate from the way they have been raised, hence the need to raise awareness and provide skills to parents.

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