Soul Buddyz Club 2005

Buddyz Update

As usual, Soul Buddyz Club has been very busy over the last 6 months. Regular Club meetings have been on the go since February 2005 and the Soul Buddyz Club awards certainly inspired Clubs to work harder and smarter.

We are happy to report that a number of new Clubs have been established since the beginning of the year. A warm, Buddyz Club welcome to all the new schools and libraries that have joined. We promise to keep you informed, inspired and active throughout 2005. There are many great new opportunities for all Buddyz Clubs this year.

Hey Buddyz don’t forget to look out for their monthly newsletters and Club Guides. Remember, there are loads of fun things to be won for yourself, your Club and school in the 2005 competitions. And although everyday with Soul Buddyz Club is fun and exciting, there is a lot more in store.

Buddyz alert Buddyz alert! In July we say hello to latest member of the Soul Buddyz family. A new programme called Buddyz on the Move will make it’s way onto our TV screens on 9 July 2005. So whatz the buzz with Buddyz on the Move? What’s the big deal you may ask?

Well, just in case you thought Soul Buddyz Club was a bore, think again for a programme like never before. Our very own Soul Buddyz Club members will become stars overnight. Yes, that’s what I said. Some Buddyz will be featured in the Buddyz on the Move programme. These Buddyz have been working very hard in their schools and communities and boy did their hard work pay off. For the next 13 weeks, we’ll be able to watch our fellow Buddyz as they take us around their communities, introduce us to interesting people and show us how they have been taking action to build their communities. Catch your weekly dose of Buddyz on the Move every Saturday at 7.30am.

Viva Buddyz Viva. We are all so very proud of you.

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