Soul Buddyz Club 2004

Boy have the Buddyz been busy! Yes, it's been hectic for amaBuddyz over the last few months. While still having their regular meetings and doing projects, many Buddyz were involved in other exciting activities.
Hundreds of Buddyz participated in the provincial Soul Buddyz events that took place during September and October. Buddyz from Limpopo, Western Cape and Mpumulanga travelled far and wide to get the venues in their provinces. The programme included some formal monitoring and evaluation, exciting performances of song, dance, poetry and drama and loads of fun in the pool, on the jumping castle, painting faces and playing games. It was really great for the Soul Buddyz Club support team to meet Buddyz and facilitators on the ground. Lots of laughter and ideas were shared and many Buddyz made new friends and promised to stay in touch.

The National Committee held their final meeting on from the 23rd to the 26th September 2004. The saying 'save the best for last' was really true for this meeting. The atmosphere was great with a sense of excitement but also sadness as the Buddyz prepared to say farewell to each other. It was wonderful to watch the committee members renew their commitment to the Club even though they would no longer be part of the committee. Friendships that were formed through the committee also blossomed and promises were made to continue relationships beyond this committee. Although there were many highlights, like the swimming, strolls along the Vaal River and the hilarious karaoke evening, most Buddyz said the best thing ever was the surprise gifts they received. That's right! Each committee member received a Soul personalised Buddyz Club tracksuit. When the Buddyz departed on the last day, everyone was dressed in their tracksuits, wearing them with great pride and honour.

More recently, 3 Soul Buddyz Clubs participated in the South African Rock Challenge Talent Show at the Dome in Johannesburg. Winnie Ngwekazi Buddyz, Geluksdal Buddyz and Eldorado Park Buddyz pulled out all the stops to claim their space as stars of the evening. A lot of hard work and preparation happened before the actual event on the 11th October 2004. Through their performances, these Clubs highlighted the realities facing children in South Africa, but also celebrated the unity in diversity that characterises our society. The crowds cheered in awe as the Buddyz, dressed in colourful garments took to the stage and performed like born professionals. Well done Buddyz - we are very proud to be associated with your Clubs. Let's hope there will be many more opportunities for these Clubs to show others what they have achieved.

So, with all these exciting events completed Soul Buddyz Club moves into a quieter period as Buddyz prepare for year end tests and exams. Soul City and Soul Buddyz would like to wish all Buddyz Club members the best of luck for the exam period. Go well and give your best in all that you are and all that you do.

Until next time, stay safe and continue to be your best.

Soul Buddyz Club Celebrates 16 June By Making 1000 Wishes

100 Soul Buddyz club members were anxiously anticipating 16 June 2004. Yes, while people around the country celebrated Youth Day, these young club members celebrated Youth Day in a very special way.


Learners from Rekgutlile primary, Isipho primary, St Peter Claver primary, Orchards primary and Dr Yusuf Dadoo primary school were guests of honour at the ‘1000 wishes campaign’ Youth Day celebration. The event took place at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg.


Club members from these Soul Buddyz club schools were selected to participate in the ‘1000 wishes for children of the world’ campaign. This global initiative was initiated in Germany, where more than 5000 children painted their wishes onto huge pieces of cloth. These wishes represented the hopes and dreams for themselves and for all children of the world.


The campaign then moved to include children from New York and Brazil. South African children were also invited to paint their wishes. Although more than 250 clubs wrote in to share their wishes, only 5 clubs were selected do the actual painting.


On 29 May 2004, the Soul Buddyz club members partnered senior art students from the Deustche Schule in Johannesburg. The day was filled with fun, sharing and tremendous pride as these children made every effort to ensure that their paintings represented the needs and dreams of South African children.


The culmination of the South African leg of the campaign will be the unveiling of the South African paintings together with the bigger tapestry which already exceeds 500m2 in length.


The Soul Buddyz club members will be part of this auspicious occasion and will be honoured as the young leaders who visually expressed the wishes of South African children.

We are very proud of these children and all those who also sent in their wishes.

Well done and congratulations Buddyz.

Soul Buddyz Club Member Wins A Trip To Norway!

Tsholofelo Setlhatlhole

A Buddy from Mosioa Primary School in Gauteng, is going to represent South Africa at a Cultural festival in Oslo, Norway!

Q. What is your name?
A. Tsholofelo Setlhatlhole

Q How old are you?
A. 12 years old

Q. What are your hobbies?
A. I love listening to music, reading, playing soccer and volleyball.

Q. Who makes up your family?
A. I live with my Grandparents; my Mum is working in Sasolburg, she usually comes over during the weekends.

Q. How did you get to win this trip?
A. Well, I am a Buddy but I also take part in other life skills activities. I am part of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), Tension Youth Club in our area. Myself, together with 10 children from different schools performed a cultural activity. Our group performed the best and took the first prize!

Q. That sounds exciting! How did you feel when you guys got the first prize?
A. At first I could not believe it! We had won such a wonderful opportunity to go overseas and represent our country. This is definitely going to be a great experience.

Q. When are you leaving for Norway?
A. I am leaving on the 19th of June and returning end of the month.

Q. What message do you have for other Buddyz?
A. All the Buddyz should keep themselves busy and participate in different activities within the community. This helps us become better Buddyz and helps us grow.

Thanks Tsholofelo!
Have a safe trip and wonderful time.
Don’t forget to bring us some photos!

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