Aim, objectives & activities

What the Soul Buddyz Clubs Programme works so hard to achieve


Each of the over 7 200 Soul Buddyz Clubs shares a common vision: to work with children and adults to create a platform that gives voice to, and promotes real action for, children’s health and wellbeing. So far, the clubs have more than 128 000 young members working towards these goals, with new members joining new clubs every single day.


The Soul Buddyz Clubs Programme is committed to:

  1. Creating an environment for ongoing learning
  2. Encouraging children to have fun and to be creative
  3. Mobilising children to take responsible action
  4. Promoting schools and libraries as community resources
  5. Teaching life skills relating to HIV and Aids


How are Soul Buddyz Clubs objectives achieved? By means of:

  1. Regular Club meetings
  2. Discussions and debates on important themes
  3. Research at schools and in the community
  4. Soul Buddyz materials
  5. Competitions (seven competitions are run per year)
  6. Projects based on themes such as bullying and alcohol.

And what resources are provided to the clubs to help them to further these objectives? Club Zone magazines, unit guides, facilitator guides, fun ‘n games booklets, magazines for grown-ups, posters, newsletters and club reports.


Club project themes have, to date, included these:

  1. HIV/Aids and child grants
  2. Caring for the environment
  3. Food gardens and soup kitchens
  4. Story-telling with seniors
  5. Awareness raising and media
  6. Income generation projects

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