Act For Children

Launched in 2008 by Soul City Institute and international partners, Act for Children (AFC) is a programme that encourages children to become active participants and work together to create better environments for themselves and their communities.


The key outputs of the programme are to:

  • develop children’s financial literacy
  • create a culture of saving
  • encourage children to be active social citizens

Matched funding

AFC supports children through grants for the development local, small scale projects. The funding is in the form of a matching grant with children’s groups raising 50% of the project costs which is then matched Rand for Rand by the Soul City Institute. The Action for Children also promotes local fundraising. It assists local organizations with ideas and tools for fundraising.

The programme is implemented through the institutes Soul Buddyz Clubs which have a nationwide membership of over 140 000 children. The Act for Children project is funded and endorsed by Wilde Ganzen (Wild Geese), a Netherlands based organisation that supports, through Dutch partners, the disadvantaged who strive to improve their communities. You too can contribute to children’s growth and development by clicking here.

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