Episode 1: Sisterhood

RISE hosts explore what it means for them to belong to a sisterhood. They are joined by Khalo Kwinana from Choma magazine to discuss how important it is for women to have a space to freely express who they are. The hosts also take a trip to get up, close and personal with a young RISE women’s club.

Episode 2: Good Sex, Communication and Relationships

RISE takes a look at how good communication is key to creating healthy relationships, especially when it comes to negotiating safe sex. Clinical Psychologist Dr. Khosi Jiyane joins the hosts to talk about how young women can mend bad communication behaviours and improve their personal relationships.

Episode 3: Alcohol and Its Impact on Women

Through the story of a young mother, we come to understand the ways in which alco-hol dependence can affect our lives, especially during pregnancy. RISE hosts invite Guest Savera Kalideen from Soul City to tell us how alcohol impacts the physical and mental development of young women.

Episode 4: STI's and Condom Use

RISE shows us that condom use can be fun and is synonymous to having a healthy sexual life. Guest Sara Chitambo from Zazi takes the hosts on an entertaining and educational exploration of male and female condoms. This episode shows us how to treat STI’s, but reminds us that prevention remains better than cure.

Episode 5: Transactional and Intergenerational Sex

The RISE hosts unravel the various reasons that inform why young women enter rela-tionships with ‘Sugar Daddies’. Thulani Machere, coordinator of the DREAMS pro-gram takes us into the psychology of young women who often realise how detrimental intergenerational relationships are to their development when it’s too late.

Episode 6: Money Matters

RISE hosts reveal how their early encounters with money informed the relationships they have with money today. The author of Heart, Mind & Money, Vangile Makwakwa teaches us how to make smart financial decisions and how our emotions can influence our spending habits.

Episode 7: Gender based violence and intimate partner violence

RISE uncovers the various forms of abuse that exist and the complexity that arises when the abuse is within an intimate partner relationship. Wendy Phaluwa from POWA joins the conversation to speak about the impacts of abuse and what support young women need to end the cycle of abuse.

Episode 8: Early Pregnancy and TOP

RISE hosts delve into the consequences of shaming young women who are making the choices that suit their particular needs, whether it be keeping their babies or terminating. Guest, Mapule Motene from Marie Stopes reminds us to not isolate young women and pushes them towards decisions to use illegal reproductive health services.

Episode 9: Job Preparedness

A young woman’s story teaches us that not being selected for a job is an indication to persevere rather than give up. RISE hosts talk about the efforts they made towards preparing themselves for their dream jobs. Millicent Maroga from Old Mutual teaches us about the importance of having both hard and soft skills when preparing oneself for employment.

Episode 10: Cancers

RISE encourages consistent screening for young women, as a preventative measure against cancers and as a way to know their bodies intimately. Oncologist Dr. Sithembile Ngidi educates us on the risks of cervical cancer and shares the best methods of treatment and healing.

Episode 11: Sex, Sexuality and Physical Development

RISE hosts share personal events that signified their transitions from girlhood into womanhood. Clinical Psychologist Boitumelo Sefolo joins as a guest to speak about how young women should determine their readiness to engage sexually with another and the consequences thereafter.

Episode 12: Starting a Small Business

RISE explores the various steps young women can make towards becoming inde-pendent through starting their own businesses. Guest Nompumelelo Ntsele from Operation Hope states the importance of young women knowing their communities needs in order to create business that will best attract customers and thrive.

Episode 13: Mental Health

RISE hosts look into how external contributing factors can compromise ones mental health, and how to build resilience to these factors. Clinical Psychologist Mthetho Tshemese joins the conversation to share the dangers of leaving poor mental health untreated, and how to work through stigma.

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