Community Based Monitoring (CBM)

Soul City Institute, supported by the European Union, embarked on a project to support the process of PHC reengineering in communities around South Africa.

Informed by a similar programme conducted in India, the CBM project works to increase public participation and community engagement in health care services.

Community Based Monitoring (CBM) is a form of oversight by communities to increase the accountability, quality and management of services. It aims to strengthen local decision making, community education, community capacity and effective public participation. It is particularly effective in the health sector by mobilising communities to take ownership of their healthcare facilities.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To strengthen community advocacy and increase the accountability  for provision of quality health services, particularly maternal child services
  • To increase the capacity and capability of communities to identify local priorities and monitor and advocate for these services
  • To increase media involvement in community based monitoring of health services

The Soul City Community Based Monitoring project aims to strengthen the quality and accessibility of health care, particularly for adolescents, through greater involvement of the community in tracking key indicators for quality health care. This includes elements that impact on maternal and child health. The key steps in the process have been to:

  • establish a baseline of accountability mechanisms and quality indicators in the relevant districts
  • introduce the concept to communities through community dialogues
  • train CBM monitoring teams ,the training consisted of the following topics:
    • Active Citizenry
    • Community Asset Mapping
    • Health and Health systems
    • Community  Accountability
    • Community Based Monitoring
    • Community Dialogue
    • Knowledge and Information Management
  • implement CBM at facilities
  • conduct public dialogues about the work of the CBM teams
  • evaluate the process of implementation

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