What are the affects of alcohol?

Drinking alcohol is part of our national culture so it’s easy to feel that you know about all about it. How much of what you know is fact and how much is just a myth? Exactly what impact does alcohol have on your health and well-being?

Did you know?
South Africa was rated as having the 7th highest consumption level of alcohol with an estimated 7.1 litres of absolute alcohol consumed per adult per year 1/3 of current drinkers (in the South African Demographic and Health survey) reported risky drinking over the weekend.  Risky or binge drinking is defined as five or more drinks per day for men and three or more drinks per day for women.

Even small amounts of alcohol slow thought processing, slow down reaction time and generally impair co-ordination and alertness

Alcohol and you

Are you a busy career woman or single man about town? Perhaps your children have just left home. Maybe you are pregnant or concerned about your teenager drinking? We have information here for everyone.

Alcohol and pregnancy

If you’re pregnant there’s no doubt that you’ll be bombarded with health advice. A major factor to think of is how alcohol will affect and your baby. Babies thrive on love, not alcohol.



University can be some of the best years or your life. Sometimes alcohol ends up being a huge part of the experience too While moderate amounts of alcohol can play a part in the good times when consumed in excessive amounts it can have a negative effect on work.


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